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Donato Salon + Spa

100 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, ON
12 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Donato Salon + Spa

John Donato is a dynamic designer who owns, operates and is the creative mind behind two Donato Salons & Spa in Toronto, Canada. Covers include International Trade and Consumer Magazines, Vogue, Bazaa Go to full description...

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Donato Salon + Spa, Mississauga Reviews (12)

12 reviews
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By Samiramannoo on Jul 19, 2017
Salon's cleanliness and hygeine is very compromised. They have no concept of cleaning the comb or brush before blow drying & one comb sits in the jar filled with sterilizer for display purposes. Very disappointed !
By Magenta Tapir on Jun 01, 2016
I showed up for my l2:00 pm appt. for a manicure and pedicure and was told that apparently they had attempted to reach me in the morning to inform me that my appt. was cancelled due to not really sure what the reason was, I was so angry I really did not pay too much attention. They did call me a couple of days before to remind me of me appt. The day of the appt. when I arrived there I was told that they could not reach me my phone that morning but did not attempt a 2nd phone call. Apparently my phone system according to them they we're not able to leave a message, very troubling because I did receive a message later that morning from a friend. So not sure why they could not reach me. Anyway they could not accommodate me with another appt that fit into my schedule, my point is that if you cannot reach your clients , then TRY AGAIN UNTIL YOU ARE ABLE TO REACH THEM, IT WOULD OF SAVED ME THE TROUBLE OF SHOWING UP. The young lady at the counter was very polite and apologized several times. I know it was not her fault, but maybe the rules need to change, with whoever attempts to cancel by phone keep trying until you are able to reach the client, very simple and polite .
By CatwomanAvril on Feb 27, 2016
Another great blow job at Donato this afternoon. Thank you Michael. Wash and blow dry. Great hands you have. My head.
By indian444 on Dec 07, 2015
Traumatised - I went to the salon to have root colour for my dark roots. I also asked the stylist to brighten my hair by one shade all over.
When I saw the result (which I didn't see until after everything had been done), I had white/silver bleached hair. I burst into tears with the shock. I looked awful.
I'm from the UK and I have to say it is a completely different experience here in Toronto. Firstly, you cannot get colour done in the UK without an allergy test 24 hrs in advance. It is law in the UK. Secondly my colorist there took hair samples to test before she would agree to colour. Then she refused to use all over bleach as she said my hair wasn't in good enough condition. Then there was a long consultation looking at photos and colour swatches.
Here at Donato, I was ushered to a chair where I told him I wanted roots lightened plus a shade brighter all over if possible. He rushed off and the consultation was about 15 seconds. I should have been worried then but I wanted to trust that he was so experienced that he knew exactly what to do. He put bleach on the roots and then said he was off to mix colour for the ends. I didn't realise that he would bleach my entire head, removing all traces of colour and any nice highs and lows. He did try to fix it three times and the manager was involved but when my hair started to look pink and I was an hour late for work (was there 3 hours) and had been crying solidly for one of those, I told him I wanted to leave.
They were very worried I wouldn't pay and I was escorted to the cash desk and charged $203 plus tax with the offer of another free appointment. Considering I live in the UK and leaving in 4 days and I had lost my trust in them as professionals, I said I wouldn't be returning. So they charged me $200+ to ruin my hair which I will have to spend another $200 correcting when I get back - if that is even possible. Please proceed with blonde colour at this salon with care................................
By Auburn Wildcat on Jul 29, 2015
I went to Donato since it's close by my house and I wanted to find a hair stylist that I could go to consistently. I made the appointment over the phone, and asked for an ombre. When I arrived I got sat in the colour section, and my hair stylist Lynn (not sure how it's spelled) came over and confirmed that I wanted ombre. I showed her a picture of how I wanted it, and she said okay and went off to mix the colour. Now that I've spoken to them over the phone, apparently the one second it took to say "ombre" and "okay" qualified as a 'consultation' where she described 'the process and design of what she was going to do'. Which is surprising, seeing as that was not even close to what really happened. I know very little about the colouring process, and trusted Lynn to colour it how I wanted. What I have ended up with is patchy highlights that stop about 1-3 inches from my roots, so it looks like a grown-out highlight, and the highlights that are there are all clumped together and not blended at all. The under part of my hair is also just completely blonde while the top looks brown- I'm not sure what she did, but this was definitely not what I asked for. When she had blown it dry and asked me what I thought, I told her that it wasn't what I was expecting, although at the time all I could see was the front of my hair and didn't see the extent to which it had been brutalized. I guess she had seen the back and wanted to keep it incognito for as long as possible.
I did call them and asked to speak to the manager after a coworker pointed out that I had splotchy streaks on the back of my head. (When I put my hair up in a ponytail because I was embarrassed was when my coworker sadly informed me that my bottom layer was even worse). I was told that the manager would call me back. After about 4 hours of silence, I called them back to see if the manager had time for me yet. This was when I was informed that I wasn't going to speak to the manager, I got what I asked for, it's all my fault and I wouldn't be seeing any money back or even store credit. The receptionist I spoke to kept telling me that "Lynn told me there was a consultation. Lynn told me you liked it. Lynn told me you approved"- even though I never even got to speak to Lynn, and even though none of that was true.
Anyways, I am left completely humiliated, down $160 ($180 after taxes), and have an appointment with my old hair stylist an hour away from my new location to get my hair fixed. This is going to cost me even more- when I showed her the pictures she was pretty unhappy and told me she would have to recolour my hair to help get rid of the weird bad highlights, and then give me the ombre that I wanted. So yay, all in all I will have spent over $300 trying to get my hair done because Lynn screwed me over and then ripped me off of my money.
And of course everyone has their own opinion and some people will have had positive experiences- this is just one of many and I strongly suggest if you want to go to Donato, don't go to Lynn if you're going to get an ombre.
Comment by jennifer on Sep 07, 2015
wow, you can clearly see a big blonde patch at the back of your hair :( I can see why you are so disappointed.
By Tara on Apr 26, 2014
If I could give a ZERO rating for this place I would!!!!
My daughter booked with a Makeup Artist at Donato's Square One location after we reviewed the portfolio of the work she's done. My daughter booked an 11:30am appointment for her hair to be styled there. She also booked her hair for 2:00pm there. The day of Prom, the Hairstylist appointment went as planned. However, she ended up waiting until 3:00pm to have her makeup done there. Turned out the Makeup Artist she originally booked with transferred out. We were never contacted regarding that and ended up with an amateur in training. A professional (camera ready) makeup job takes 45 minute to complete. I know this as I used to be a professional model. The makeup artist made errors having to go back and make corrections to my daughters eye makeup which she turned into 'raccoon eyes' in an effort to cover up her mistake. By the time my daughters makeup was completed it was 4:30pm! My daughter missed her pre-prom party where she and her friends were supposed to be taking pictures together before heading over in a Limo to the Prom which started at 5:00pm in which she paid for. My daughter missed all of that and was visibly upset, any girl would be. On top of that, she had to still get home to change into her Prom Dress and take family photos where her father was waiting to place a corsage we bought on her wrist as she was running really behind schedule through no fault of her own. We missed that photo opportunity as well. I had to rush her over in our car to her Prom as it started at 5:00pm! It was a disaster, she arrived about a half-hour late for Prom as well. Donato's shouldn't overbook if they cannot keep up the pace! The Manager failed to contact me to follow up as promised. I refused to pay for the makeup job but was told I had to pay for the hairstyle. I would've been more than happy to pay for both if the makeup was completed on time. I strongly advise to avoid Donato's which is just a training school for amateurs that don't know what they're doing! The complimentary makeup should've been passed onto another staff member as other girls with their completed jobs were taking their sweet time choosing out their complimentary makeup gifts so the Makeup Artist could move onwards to the next Prom Girl Victim! Avoid Donato's at all costs, that's the strongest advice I can give others. It's disheartening to think about another girl going through a similar experience. My daughter's memory of Prom is forever scarred thanks to Donato's, they disgust me!!!!!!!!
By Fauvelle on Jun 09, 2013
I want to commend Adam who gave me a therapy massage more than once!!
I have been having problems with tense muscles on my right side in the back!!
I was in pain for almost a month and my doctor told me to get a massage!! I truly didn't believe in that however I decided to give it a try!! Well let me tell you he was a god sent!! Ok it did hurt but after one day I was in no pain!! He told me to go back and. See him a week later for a reassessment and now I am almost 100%!!!
I will return to him anytime!!
He is a wonderful massage therapist, and trust me I was always skeptical about massages!!
Kudos to you Adam and thank you so much!!
By veryliza on Apr 01, 2013

I was at your Square One location Monday afternoon and asked for Ombre colour as well as a cut and style. I had a good experience however, I am not completely satisfied with the results as I wanted the ends to be a lot lighter then the middle to give it that fading effect. I went back today to ask for the ends to be lighter and the girl turned me away. She told me I should wait a month. I left unhappy as I spent over $300 and didn’t achieve the look I wanted. I called the salon when I got home to ask a manager Scott, if there was another route we could take, he insisted on sending me back to the same girl whom had already told me that she could NOT do it.

It took a lot of courage to go back in there today and ask for my hair to get fixed as I hate to complain and but I know what my hair is cable of (strength and colour wise). I don’t expect that lightening the ends would leave it as healthy as the roots of course however, if I am asking for the ends to be lighter, then lighten them. It’s not the first time I’ve had Ombre as I got it done a few years ago when it first became popular. It was a lot of money for me to spend and leave with something that none of my friends or family could even notice. I feel like I was spoken to like I was born yesterday and/or have no salon experience.

All I feel like I was told after speaking with your manager was “go somewhere else” I don’t know what to do at this point as I am very disappointed. Aside from taking another day out of my time off to go all the way back there, I am still waiting by the phone over and hour for the manager to call me “right back”. (Way to set the expectation, Scott.)

I was not looking for a refund; I was looking to get results.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

L Solomon

Re: Ombre. Scott did call me back and told me if I wanted to get my hair retouched it would be a CHARGABLE visit and that I would have to sign a waiver in case my hair snaps off. So now what if it doesn’t? Do I go back and risk her purposely over-processing my hair to prove me wrong? I am so upset and near tears. This was a horrible experience. I will not be going back. I can’t believe a salon with your reputation could be so cheap.

I am no an idiot and have worked in salons for years. I know when a woman comes in after not having a pedicure for over a year and she expects baby soft feet, its not going to happen. However if she wrecks her polish I will redo it at no extra charge. It’s called customer service. But this is not at all a situation like that. I know I can go to another salon and get the results I want. Heck I can probably even do it at home.

You have my $315 so why bother with something as simple as adding a few more highlights unless you’re milking another $100 out of me, right?


My goodness, I am ashamed and embarrassed that I spent that kind of money now.

FYI: $315 can feed one of my Christian Children’s Fund children for 21 months.

Happy Easter. I hope Kayla is stuffing her greedy face.

By Blue84 on Mar 03, 2011
I've been going to Donato's for seven years now and all I can say is that I've been for the most part very satisfied with my haircuts in terms of style and the service I receive. There's probably one occasion where I wasn't satisfied with my haircut because it was too bland (because I was scheduled with someone other than my regular hair stylist)and I was rescheduled with my regular stylist who fixed my haircut free of charge. I think its important to remember that you get what you pay for (it might be pricey but the cut is great and your hair grows out so well afterward) but also always make sure to address what you want exactly out of your haircut. If you're not certain that person is getting it, let them know...they've always listened to what I want for the most part and I think in that previous case, I should have addressed that concern. All in all I love, love, love Loucas! And would suggest him :) I've tried other salons but kept coming back to this one!
By Lissette on Dec 30, 2010
A friend of mine recommended that I go to Donato salon for my haircut. I am a self-proclaimed beauty dive and generally I have high expectations of the salons I go to. I went into Donato not knowing what to expect and I should say I was highly satisfied with the service there. From the moment I arrived there I felt pampered all around. The customer care rep was very helpful at all times. Not to mention, I was super happy with my haircut. Being my first time I was at this salon I was recommended to see Mayela, a senior hair stylist for my cut. All I can say is she rocked it! This is the first time in a long time my hair looks and feels this great! Mayela was very nice and professional at all times and most importantly, she understood what I was looking for. She even recommended a style I had not thought of and was actually better than I had in mind. In short, I will go back to Donato salon. Great place with great people and awesome service!
By Gazellee on Jun 11, 2010
I went in for a haircut and blowdry, and lets just say they did not live up to the donato name. my bangs looked horrible and uneven, my layers were all over the place. I literally went to another hairdresser two days later to get my hair fixed! This salon is all show and no talent.
By lexi111 on Nov 29, 2008
I've been going here for years and have always been satisfied with their service. Their prices are reasonable but you get so much more. I've tried the new talents and even though they are a fraction of the price, they are very well trained and professional. Unlike other salons where they separate the cost of wash, cut & style...all of that is included with your hair can even get a make up touch up after (basics - foundation and gloss). I've also been in their salon to get a massage and it was great. I always recommend this place and often buy gift certificates for friends and family. They always treat customers very well and you come out looking like a million dollars.
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John Donato is a dynamic designer who owns, operates and is the creative mind behind two Donato Salons & Spa in Toronto, Canada. Covers include International Trade and Consumer Magazines, Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, Peluquerias and Hairdresser Journal. His other notable achievements include being a member of Intercoiffure USA/Canada and a recipient of the Canadian Avant Garde Hairdresser and Canadian Hairdresser of the Year.
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