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Mr Lube

20112 Fraser Hwy, Langley, BC
4 reviews
Claim this business Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Auto Service
About Mr Lube

Doing it right. Before your eyes. Go to full description...

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Mr Lube, Langley Reviews (4)

4 reviews
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By Auburn Gerbil on Nov 26, 2014
So friendly and knowledgeable! I will be coming back:)
By Azure Salmon on Aug 26, 2011
I took our truck in last fall for service work.I found the staff present that day to be extremely courteous and well versed in the care of my vehicle. They were efficient, pleasant and obviously wanting my business. Word of mouth travels fast and I have personally been happy to do so for this location. Businesses such as Mr. Lube thankfully hire our young people to teach them good work habits and provide them with self-worth and confidence to further their lives. Unfortunately not all workers follow procedures and policies. All this business can do is let those workers go, or give a second chance and try and correct their behavior. Tolerance goes a long way in this world.
When you live near a busy, business oriented street such as Fraser Hwy and 200th St; you really must expect to have elevated noise levels and be inconvenienced on a daily basis.
By Bcdude on Sep 30, 2010
Did a good oil change, as most mr lubes do. No oil spilled on heads so it didnt smell afterwards. Some places like to screw up and spill a bit and not bother cleaning it up.
By mollymaker on Aug 11, 2008
They might support some Charities but heaven help you if you live behind this business.

The employees don't care that people live right behind them. They play loud music at times so loud that even with doors and windows closed you can't hear your TV. When complaints are made the owners don't I guess they don't care either. Although after threatening to let WCB know of employees smoking pot before going to work on the cars they did respond.

We have had our suites filled with a white smoke after they pour some chemicals in the cars and run them to clean the engine. So air pollution doesn't concern them.

The assistant manager needs to take a course in how to deal with irate people...of which I was one....I was told to read his name tag if I wanted his name.

This has been going on since the start of construction. You'd think by now that an Code of Conduct for the employees would have been established.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we have been through over the years. After seeing how they handle things and the maturity of who they employ I wouldn't take my car there...Washworld across the street does as good a job and doesn't cause any problems.
Comment by puma40 on Aug 11, 2008
I agree with Mollymaker, I have had nothing but problems with Mr. Lube. Not only do they not care how their business effects the neighbourhood they don't care about their customers. I used to go there all the time but got so sick and tired of how they treated me. They are rude, condescending and more interested in their personal lives then what is going on with their customers. I will NEVER go back. I am going to take Mollymaker's advice and try Washworld instead.
Comment by MOLLYMAKERE on Aug 14, 2008
Hey Molly why dont you think befor you type eh?
there are a crap load of things wrong with what you said and you for that matter!!!!

First: Who cares about the people behind the business? you think of your self so high that you should be helped above a charitie? come on grow up you suck and live in a crapy area so guess what with a 50$ rent comes some noise!!!

Second: Have you ever worked a job in your life? do you understand that sometimes you might need some music to keep you going through the day, and NO its not loud its something called acoustics in the area and it might seem louder then it is. and why are you watching TV at home every day (and i know its everyday because if it was once in a bit then you wouldnt complain would you) dont you have a job to take your lazzy ass out of your freakin chair and go do something? and its not they dont care about people and there customers, they just dont care about you, and you know why?......its because your a FU*KIN LAZZY JERK THAT HAS NO LIFE OR FRIENDS AND FEEDS ON COMPLAINING TO OTHERS TO MAKE YOUR LITTLE EGO A LITTLE BIGGER ya your that pathetic that you need to crap on bussnisess that are doing a good thing for this community and supporting charities. I dont know if you hate people that are not well off and dont like the fact that some people try to help them by giving them some money and doing things for them but, but you trying to make people not go to Mr. Lube is keeping people that need there help down!!

any ways not to go on for to long...
I could keep going and might latter on, but if i could I would take dumb ass jerks like you and kick them out of canada, because its people like you that give this place a bad name, and you know what just Shove off!! and leave people that are just trying to get by do so because we dont need you and your kind telling us that you dont like it!
Comment by puma40 on Aug 15, 2008
I do not understand what you are ranting about!! Not everyone who complains about a business is a "lazy ass jerk." I for one have a full time job and have had this job for more than 20 years. I am not lazy and I do not sit at home and watch tv all day and I do not rent my home for $50 a month, I own my condo and pay the mortgage every month and yet I too find Mr. Lube to be noisy and inconsiderate of their neighbours. Everybody needs to live and work together and your attitude is not helpful. It is not all about what is good for Mr. Lube, you have to think what is good for everyone. Maybe if Mr. Lube even attempted to resolve some of the issues that the neighbours have maybe the neighbours would be more tolerant of Mr. Lube. All Mr. Lube and its employees have done is antagonize the neighbours instead of trying to find a compromise to help everyone. It is time for Mr. Lube to stop fighting with their neighbours, be the bigger person and extend the olive branch to their neighbours.
Comment by Beck on Mar 07, 2009
Hi Mollymaker and PUMA40. I work at the location in question and I'm very offended by both of you. I've been there for 7 years and I take great pride in what I do. The staff take great pride in what they do. The things you've posted here are not at all the case. Mollymaker, if you actually made an effort to communicate in a civil manner with us, we'd be happy to address your concerns. We run a tight ship and we are leaders in the GVA as far as customer sevice and quality workmanship are concerned. The service you spoke about that creates the white smoke is a core service at Mr. Lube accross the country and has no more impact on the enviroment then simply driving your car would, and we haven't done that service outdoors in 6 months or more based on your complaint. That tells me we care a great deal about our neighbours. We too are members of the community and we support that community with Property taxes same as you and have every right to be there. We employ local residents who are married, have children to support. We have young people who would like to learn new skills and advance thier careers. Would you have them be unemployed simply because you get disturbed between 8 am and 8 pm. We apoligize if we don't meet all your expectations, but your home is near a business that makes some noise, you'll have to deal with that. In regards to the staff, there have been some undesirables, but they have since been weeded out and the current staff are the best in the business, work hard every day and deserve your respect.
Comment by mollymaker on Mar 22, 2009
Hi Beck. Sorry if you are offended but truth is truth.
Civil communication was originally attempted when your store was being constructed and for several years after that but when all this was ignored people finally do get upset!!!!

As for running a tight ship maybe now that you have a different owner it might have improved.

You say you have been there for 7 years then you were there when one of the employees decided it was too far to walk back into the building and chose to pee against your garbage bin...that was a pleasant sight !!!You would have been there in 2003 when 2 employees were seen smoking pot before going down the stairs to work on cars. I'm sure I would like having someone high on drugs working on my car.

As for the service you provide which caused the white smoke it was stopped after The City of Langley and the GVRD investgated it. Which also turned up the fact that the out buildings were put up without a permit.

Not once has a complaint been made concerning the noise and activities associated with the running of your business.

So get your facts straight. Respect is earned and after all the years of disrespect from your business it will take a long time for your store to earn it.

Things have improved over there and no complaints have been made in a long time....hopefully this continues.
Comment by Beck on Sep 27, 2009
Mollymaker, the employee you speak of who peed by the dumpster, he's long gone. The two employees you allege (no proof) to have been smoking pot before work, are long gone. We are these peoples' employer, not there parents.

We can have only so much control over peoples actions. How could anyone forsee a such behavior? No one can. We appreciate you bringing these two incidences to our attention so that they could be addressed and corrected, but the rest of your complaints are unsubstantiated.

Langley Mr. Lube has been voted Best of the Best in our business category for the last seven years by the Langley Advance News.

I suppose you think your right and everyone else is wrong?
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Until the mid-seventies, most oil changes were still being done by service stations and car dealerships. But entrepreneur Cliff Giese of Edmonton, Alberta sensed an opportunity. Cliff invented the 'drive-thru' quick oil change concept and in 1976 opened the first Mr. Lube store in Edmonton. Never before had an oil change and lube been so fast, convenient and affordable. By 1984, Mr. Lube had 45 stores across Canada and had initiated its Canadian Franchise Program. NOW we have 88 stores across Canada providing a full range of vital fluid services and other preventative vehicle maintenance. We're the country's leader in the industry - and still growing.
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