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Castrol Lube Express

2724 Barnet Hwy #A, Coquitlam, BC
23 reviews
Claim this business Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Auto Service

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Castrol Lube Express, Coquitlam Reviews (23)

23 reviews
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By Mcfontaine on Mar 05, 2017
I went here several time. My husband, our teenage son and I all brought our cars here for our regular oil changes with no issue. The one time my husband doesn't go with our son the technician rips my son off and over charges him for his oil change- charging him almost DOUBLE what we ALWAYS pay.

I called the manager to straighten it out, thinking they would correct their mistake. The manager argues to the end on why they did this. The simple thing would be the honor their mistake on over charging and give the over charge of payment back or a credit.

Shame on them taking advantage of a naive teen!!!! Take care of your repeat customers or they won't be back!!!

We will never go back there now. I finally get the shitty ratings they have!!!
By Z89 on Nov 28, 2016
They changed my transmission fluid and put new spark plugs in. The next day my car started jerking while idling at a red light and wouldnt change gears properly from 3rd to 4th. I took my car back two times complaining that it wasn't running that way before they serviced it. All they did was tell me to go somewhere else and get it looked at because "we just do fluids". DO NOT let them service your transmission because they wont own up to their mistakes.
By Bole Black-Widow-Spider on Nov 21, 2015
The sign advertised $30 oil change, my mistake because it cost me almost $300 after being lied to and cheated. After they have offered you a coffee and chatted you up to get a feel for you they begin to recommend additional fluid changes because they say the fluids are dirty. In actual fact the owners manual and the dealership do not recommend the fluid changes and neither does the internet because they did not need to be changed. He went ahead and flushed the radiator coolant without quotation. I was not told what the total charge was going to be before they started or finished the work. He confused me by telling me what the combined cost of the brake and steering fluid change would be without inclusion of the inflated oil change or coolant flush. He seemed very sincere and made me feel like he was doing me, the ignorant car owner, a favor. When I got the bill I was incredulous and asked for a breakdown of the charges. He politely asked me to please sign first and then he would gladly explain everything. I made a poor judgement and signed. First he pointed out the $23 discount that he had generously given to me and then he went on the explain how I needed the special 'red' Mopar coolant flush for over $90 and I also needed synthetic oil, brake and steering fluid were each over $60. I am not naturally confrontational and I felt embarrassed and taken advantage of, so I left without a fight. This is a gang of very personable and disarming men that are very good at what they do. I am currently in dispute with VISA over the charge and they are investigating the dealership. I am only one of many victims.
By Charcoal Albatross on Nov 18, 2015
i went to this location and the service was pathetic the technician didnt know what he was talking about and stammered as he recomended my fuel filter for replacement. they cross threaded my drain plug and when i checked my oil the next day it was low. next time i went to mr. lube across the street and they were 1000X better go there instead its an extra couple bucks but they will top up your oil inbetween services and they know how to do they're job properly. i went to mr. lube for my tire rotation the technician Shiv at the location rotated and blanced my tires in record time why would i bother going to canadian tire and waiting all day for that too? mr. lube all the way !
By Amaranth Sturgeon on Aug 20, 2015
Went for their 19.99 oil change and I should have known better. They get you in at this cheap price and than try to tell you that there are other things wrong with your car. They told me my transmission fluid was low and I needed brake fluid. As this is not the first time this has happened to me I said no and have since had it checked out and I did not need neither of these things. Will not be back.
By Carmine Bonobo on Jul 09, 2015
I took my 2008 dodge nitro for a oil change on dallas hwy and everything was going smooth up until one of the employee try to use tatics on me saying that my car had alot of dirt in the power steering fluid, i kept saying it couldn't be bcause I take my vehicle to the dealer to get the maintenance service done on the vehicle, i felt something was not rite with the conversation , he was trying his best to convince that something was wrong with my vehicle when deep down in side my guts I knew he was trying to pull one on me,after they were done servicing my vehicle, i paid the employee at the rigister, got in my car and left, about 5mins away, i notice my truck was blowing hot air, they were upset because I kept turning them down with everything they were telling that was wrong with my vehicle, they let all the antifreeze out my truck so I can come back to them to get it fix, by the time I turn back around to go back to the location, they were closed, so I called them 2 days later to speak to the manager in charge, he said speaking.i told him what was going on with the truck after I left their shop, he tried to convince me that it's summer time and things like that happen all the time, so I went back over the and they wanted to charge me 150.00 for them leaking my antifreeze out and thaught I was stupid enough to pay them after they let the antifreeze out purposely, but I will call the news tomorrow and let everyone know they are scammers, they lure u in with cheep oil change and once you get in they do things to your vehicle on purpose so u can come back to them, pls if any one read this statement, i repeat do not go to castrol lube express on dallas hwy nxt to sparkles, they will ripped u off, but I will be contacting better business Bureau asap
By Franco Mink on Jan 05, 2015
I got ripped off really bad. Got an oil change was told I had to pay 100.00 for the specific oil I needed. I said OK. Then was told about the breaks fluid was black needed it changed. Funny because it's a new car. And said that to the guy he started saying he would give me a deal. Worries I drove to the mr lube across the street and asked they looked and said that the break fluid was in great condition and wouldn't have to worry for a while to change it. These guys are scammers stay away
By bh2 on Dec 04, 2014
If you value your vehicle, you will never take it to this location for an oil change. I took my Prius there on Nov. 20th- a person named Roy told me I needed new transmission oil, and other additives, I told him, no, just give me an oil change. When I left the location, my dashboard lit up within 3 blocks saying something was horribly wrong- I tried to return to this location but the car stalled about a block away. I walked back telling Roy about the problem. He looked at the motor, shook his head and said it wasn't his fault. I had it towed to Toyota who found that debris had been brushed into the Air Intake of the motor thus seizing it. This Castrol location refuses to answer my calls and obviously is not prepared to make amends. My out of pocket cost for Toyota and towing are over $200. Beware - do not go here for service!
By Abba on Oct 09, 2014
Do not go even if there is no other oil change place around. Went in thinking that I would just get a quick oil change. Was subjected to relentless lies and pressure tactics about water in my brake fluid, no brake fluid, broken brake fluid cap, mold in my brake fluid, no coolant, and black transmission fluid. Everything was deemed to be an emergency and everything must be replaced. I think the dude that I dealt with must be the owner based on all the other reviews that I have read. He got all huffy when I won't give in to his fear mongering.
They also overfilled my engine oil, and I had to get some of it drained off later. Don't go if you value your car.
I seriously suspect a good deal of the 5 stars reviews on here are from shills.
By Blue Caribou on Jun 11, 2014
Bought a groupon for $19 for oil change, which is cheaper then doing it yourself at home, which is what I usually do. They didn't push any other services and I got my oil chane and got out. They told me I had no coolant, which I already knew as my rad cracked a couple weeks prior and I haven't got a chance to fix it yet. However there is an extra 6$ few on top for Eco fee and tax. Still 25$ oil change is not bad at all!
By Auburn Leech on Jan 31, 2014
I visited the shop today and had a pretty good experience and service. I knew exactly what I needed and got it done in a very short time. I was sold one service I wasn't planing to get done but it was after when they checked it and actually showed it to me that it needed to be done. I could have said no but knowing that I am already there then might as well do it at the same time. And the guys didn't push they just checked and suggested. Everything was done in front of me, I was even shown what product they used and answered to all my questions. The guys worked fast and efficient. As soon as I pulled in three of them started working on it right away and about 40min later I was driving away with new engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering flush, brakes fluid flush, radiator flush and emission system cleaned. I was offered coffee several times and my 2 year old got a chocolate treat and a toy car.
I would recommend this shop and definitely come back again for future service.
Thanks Guys.
By coquitlam123 on Aug 16, 2013
Yesterday, I went there for oil change, and it's a night mire, very bad experience. they will check the car and tell you that many things are very bad, and you have to do this and that, actually, I just did a car service and it's should be perfect on that parts.
The very bad thing wad, after their service, I lost my brake right away.

Really really not going there!!!!!!!
By Green Lark on Dec 08, 2012
Had a good experience at castrol lube. fast service with good pricing which is what i was looking for, definitely gonna come back.
By Fluidfire on Nov 20, 2012
Zero Stars. The worst consumer experience I have ever had. I am still dealing with this situation. Castrol Lube Express is so horrible that I am speaking with the Better Business Bureau. My loss = thousands of dollars and counting.
By Rose Wallaby on Dec 14, 2011
i went for a oil svc my tech was very nice and was very very honest had my oil change he honestly told me few things i might need in the near future and if i can to do one svc which will help me thru aircare! was fuel injector svc, I always had problems for air-care. he said if i can afford it then try this will help and he said it was $69.99...and will give ten off /if that was to much then try a fuel additive in the gas. he was so concerned he even went out of his way to clean the pcv , and spray my airfilter with some spray....I told him, thanx so much right now i could do bear minimal since am a single parent.. he told me he was also and understand me were am coming from. I bought the fuel treatment he even told me to call him after air-care he was such nice guy ...I passed thanx to one honest guy his name was guy ever at and off work type a guy thanx Castol-lube for having one of the best I have gone alot places never met such awsome guy anywhere castrols very lucky..
By bonddebak on Aug 17, 2011
I saw a sign on the outside wall that says it starts from 29.99$ for changing oil. But they said that the 29.99$ lube doesn't fit to my car(KIA Spectra) and the cheapest possible lube for my car starts from 39.99$. So I choosed 39.99$ option.

The 39.99$ option is "Premium package", it includes topup other fluids but later I found that they didn't, they just did changing oil.

After done changing oil, I said thank you but they didn't answer.... I think that's because I turned down their recomendation to change air filter which I didn't ask them to check.

I could hardly find any reason to use this shop. Make it short, it's not reliable at all.
By MaryNess on Jul 08, 2011
I have been bringing all my cars and sons' cars for service at Castol in Coquitlam and I would never go anywhere else. They are pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable.
I trust them entirely to keep track of what maintenance and service I need.
Just recently I went in to ask about my check engine light being on. They tested it and it was just that my gas cap wasn't on tight and oxygen was getting into the fuel. They didn't charge me anything for the diagnostic.
I would recommend them to anyone.
By chucky on Feb 06, 2011
Hi - just had an oil change and these guys have always been awesome - we have been going there for 6 years. I actually was 500kms too soon for an oil change and he said I didn't need oil change now - that I could come back later - I decided to have oil change done because I was there. Also thought I was due for maintenance - transmission fluid change, etc..but he said that I was not due until the end of year. It does not seem to me that they are trying to rip me off. They have always been polite and kind. By the way you can always say no.
Comment by Burnt on Feb 24, 2011
You must be one of the staff.

They said for you to to come back another time for your oil change? Ya, right! I don't buy that for a moment. This outfit survive by pushing services on gullible people, whatever they can get away with.

And it's hard to say no when they put this sense of urgency in you like the minute you pull out of there without changing whatever oils, your car will fall apart.
By Cyan Smelt on Nov 27, 2010
If you don't know anything about the regular maintenance required to keep you vehicle on the road and avoid extremely costly engine failure, in particular regular fluid changes, maybe do some reading. Contaminated fluids are by far the quickest way to a certain death of your beloved engine. Manufacturers recommend these things for a purpose, not just to vacuum out your wallet, but to help maintain your investment. If a trained specialist recommends a certain fluid is low/ contaminated/ or time is up on it, it would be good advice to consider. If in doubt, thank him for pointing it out and get a second opinion, but don't blame him if he warned you
By Ace007ca on Jun 09, 2010
I had been taking my car to the same garage for over ten years, then one day I thought I would try someone new, because getting an oil change there was so cheap. I was driving by "Castrol Lube Express" and seen they had a sign up saying that they would change oil for, Twenty dollars and something, For most cars. I can't remember the exact figure, but it was fairly cheap... just to lure you in there I suppose.
Well that went fine, but the next thing you know the Chinese guy that was down below came up and said that my transmission was leaking oil. And then the other guy, who looked to be a Pakistani, that had been working up top under my hood, pull's out my dip stick from my transmission and say's, The reason your transmission is leaking is because someone has over filled it, and it has now blown a seal. He said they could fix the problem, and it would cost me $150.00. Then the Chinese guy also pulled out the dip stick and said the same thing, it had been over filled, I noticed that neither the Pakastani guy, nor the Chinese guy, would actualy show me the reading on the dip stick. That didn't matter to me because nobody had been under that hood other than my "Licenced Mechanic", he has been looking after that car for over ten years, and doing a mighty fine job I might add, He's the "Honest Older Experienced" type. Not at all like those rip off's. And another couple of thing's they did wrong, First of all the car should be warmed up before checking, a good mechanic would have asked, they didn't.(And it wasn't even warm yet) Another very important thing you have to do, (in my car that is) is leave the car idling when you check the trani oil, the car wasn't even running.
I don't know how those guys can sleep at night, I'm on a disability, I can't afford to pay that out.
Well it was 5 days before I could get my car into the "Automatic Transmission Specialist". It was 5 days of worry, I had left the Pakastani guy alone under the hood, he had had time to add some oil to make his story look good, but it turned out, he hadn't.
Another thing that didn't make sence is, it had been six mo. since anyone could have put more oil in it, if it had been leaking all that time, how could it be so full of oil?
Turns out the transmission specialist said my transmission was in mint condition, and there wasn't to much oil in it, nor was it leaking.
I decided the best way to get the fluid levels checked, was to take it in and get a new filter and new oil put in the trani, It ended up costing me $100.00 and five days worry.
I don't know why "Castrol" let's these guys deface there name.
Comment by Infiniti81 on Sep 01, 2010
Why does it matter if they were "chinese" or "pakistani"? Seems like you go out of your way to point that out...
Comment by Need4speed on Sep 12, 2010
You did not mention what kind of car you were driving.. and you do not have to be a "licensed Mechanic" to replace a simple transmission seal ( Gasket and filter ) it does'nt require a license to replace the gasket and filter... 2nd of all if your transmission was perfect as you say and no leaks or anything wrong with it just a little bit low... as your "Transmission Specialist" told you... Why would you go and replace the gasket and filter?.. So if the lube express shop was recommending you to replace your transmission gasket and filter either if low or overfilled and you thought you were being ripped off... So why would you bad mouth them ( no matter what culture there from ) and go to another shop and get the same service done that they advised you to get done.. I find that very weird sorry...
As my experience going to lube shops.. they are just doing their jobs... They are just giving advice and quotes on what needs done... its up to you if you want to get it done or not.. but all in all you brought your car somewhere else and you had that same service "Castrol Lube Express" recommended to you done at another shop for $50 cheaper...
By zhufrk on May 22, 2009
This is my first time in a lube shop, as I usually go to dealer for service. This time, I had a transmission fluid flush for my 2006 mazda5, and nothing else. In my observation, the place is clean, service people are busy, quick and professional. It only takes me 10 minutes or so and I'm back on my road again - good. During the time, there were three people around the car, one underneath doing host hookup, Paul in front operating flush machine, and the third fetching fluids. They worked very effectively as a team. While flushing, Paul also wiped clean the engine tops, although it's a small thing, it was nice. Castrol is a recognized oil brand and this place offers competitive price with quality service. I will like to come back for oil change too at next service interval, to avoid the usual lineup in dealer.
By toughsell on Jan 20, 2009
I went to the Coquitlam location on Barnet Highway. It was my second time there. The first time I went for an oil change and they told be that I needed a radiator flush. I never did it. The second time I also went for an oil change, they told me that my power steering and brake fluid were low and the wrong colour. They said that the fluids have been contaminated by water or something and need to be flushed and replaced. The man was putting a little bit of pressure on me to do the extra service. They also said not to take my vehicle to the dealer because they would charge me double the price that they would. He seemed to be putting I proceeded with the oil change and then took my vehicle to my dealer to ask what colour the fluids should be. It turns out that the fluids are the proper colour and the the brake fluid level was ok. The power steering fluid was a little low but it just needs a top-up and not a full flush. Both times that I went it was the same guy who put the pressure sales tactics on.
Comment by Abba on Oct 09, 2014
Was it a short dude with a thick silver chain around his neck? I got the exact same hard sell: the crap with the water in the fluids, the dealership costing double, the fluids with the wrong colors, etc.
By bobsaget213 on Nov 19, 2008
I recently took my honda civic for routine maintaince service at castrol lube express at 754 sw marine drive. I went in expecting the usual hussle that you would expect from mr.lube but to my amazement i was treated with class and respect. I found the staff fully knowledgable when it came to my vehicle. They showed me hands on what my car needed and didnt need. I felt like i was given first class treatment which i havent experienced in a number of years. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone. take your car in . your wont be disappointed.
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