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Canadian Tire

1731 Preston Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK
25 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire offers a wide selection of services and products at many locations, ranging from oil changes, tire changes and auto repair to tires, home appliances, sporting gear, tools, outdoor products and more.... Canadian Tire offre une vaste gamme de services et de produits à plusieurs endroits : vidange d'huile, remplacement de pneus, réparation automobile, pneus, appareils électroménagers, matériel de sport, outils, produits de plein air et bien plus. Go to full description...

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Canadian Tire, Saskatoon Reviews (25)

25 reviews
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By laughter on Jul 03, 2015
I visited Preston Crossing store on the afternoon of July 2, 2015. I stopped at paint counter to ask a question, and the young fellow working there was awesome! Great customer service plus very personable. I didn't get his name, but he had black hair that was shorter on one side. :)
By Carmine Cephalopod on Apr 12, 2015
I went to the Preston Crossing CT location today - it added more retail floor space - looks great. It was a little tight before. Always like when owners invest in making shopping a better experience for their customers. All were very polite.
By Cerise Centipede on Aug 22, 2014
I popped in to Canadian Tire Preston Crossing today needing a single small recoil spring for my lawn mower. Should be simple, right? As soon as I entered the store, I asked an employee where the lawnmower section was. He told me to head to the SE corner. No staff there but no lawnmowers either. I wandered around looking for a staff to ask. A young lady pointed me in a different direction and sure enough, I found the lawn mowers. No staff so I wandered around looking for someone. A young man was standing doing nothing so I asked him where the lawn mower parts were. He took me to several isles.... even I new we were in the wrong section. I guided him back to the lawn mower section and asked if I would find what I needed there. He looked at the springs that I had already looked at ( all too big) then suggested I go to the "tools" section and look there. I headed over there, looked for staff and after 10 minutes, finally found a helpful guy who actually looked on the computor to see if they had what I needed. He then actually showed me to the section where the springs were. I thanked him and made my choice. Really, Canadian Tire..... is this the level of service you tolerate from your staff? Is this how they are trained to give customer service? I am so done with this store !!!!
By Chocolate Baboon on Nov 27, 2013
So the power steering pump kept going empty and it's winter and I can't do it. Took it to Canadian Tire, they took the car in at 8, by 10 a guy calls needs new pump and hose $609. + taxes so I said ok. Noon the car is done bill $837. I was charged 5.5 hrs,$54. Shop supplies $237 for the pump then $109 off for exchange, the part cost at the counter was $95. The hose again was $10 my than the over the counter price. And I was dinged another $53 for " inspection" ?
I asked to see the parts and was told that would cost an extra $100. The new hose they said they replaced had the same old black dirt as the original, I suspect it is the same one. So they charged 5.5 hours over a maximum time of 4 hours and I think the only thing they changed was the pump and added new fluid.
By Bole Crocodile on Nov 17, 2013
This comment is for the automotive department, as they consistently disappoint. With 8 tills, I would expect more people to be working on a Saturday afternoon in November, shortly after the first snowfall. Only two people were working (although another two worked were washing the 10x10 ft. space of floor for 30 min). After waiting to return a battery that was under warrenty for 35 minutes, I got to the front of the line and was informed I stood in the wrong line (the service line, instead of parts), and would have to get back in the correct line. I asked where the sign was posted to indicate this. There was none. I asked for them to grab a person from the service department to help me on one of the open tills instead, and was refused. I asked to talk to a manager, Greg, and he wouldn't even talk to me. He yelled from the office to go get in the other line. Previously, with the automotive department, I have had them forget to tighten bolts when installing winter tires, unable to fix a headlight (that I ended up doing myself the next day). They also managed to lose paperwork when they did an inspection on a car we imported from the states (which was needed to approve licensing in Canada). This department is so unorganized and poorly managed; they should fire all administration and managerial staff and start fresh in this department.
By Chocolate Falcon on Jul 29, 2013
i was in shopping about a week ago and it was very busy,,a women working in the garden centre(janet) asked if she could help us,,she was very upbeat and cheerful and helped me out,i was kind of grumpy when i came in but she cheered me up just with her smile and caring a big thank you to herthis was at preston crossing in saskatoon
By Byzantine Spaniel on Jul 15, 2013
i was in to the store about a week ago aand was looking for something and a lady who i think must have been on a break as she had a thermos with her stopped and asked if i needed help,,she spent at least 5 to 10 min of her own time.. id loke to say thank you,,i think the name tag said janet
By Orange Cape-Buffalo on Aug 27, 2012
I must say that every time that I've been in any of our canadian tire stores, I've always had someone help me with shat I've needed. I have worked in reatal for 30 years and I've found that the staff are knowledgable and if they don't know the answer they will say so and get someone to help. Way to go Canadian tire.
By Red Lobster on Jul 17, 2012
I went into buy a new blender and I was needed some help about which kind to buy. I approached a young girl who was near the area and asked for her help. She explained that she was cashier but also said she would do her best to help. She recommended the Ninja Blender and I purchased it. I've had it for 2 months now and it works great! Will definitely be returning to the Preston Crossing Store.
By Charcoal Blue-Whale on Jun 01, 2012
After an initial " can't help you" from one employee I received great service from two other employees who helped me get my new lawn mower at the sale price that was still on the website not the current floor price. These guys were friendly and hustling to make a sale for Canadian Tire. Good shopping experince1
By Coquelicot Sockeye-salmon on May 28, 2012
0 stars is my actual rating. Sadly, I brought my car in to get maintenanced and I walked out annoyed and angry. The service was crap. I wasted my whole day waiting, initially it was supposed to take "a hour and a half"! Every time I asked about the status of my car, they basically fed me a BS excuse. HORRIBLE SERVICE! THEY NEED TO BE REPORTED! AND on top of that they didn't do their job.
By gotama1900 on Nov 17, 2011
i bought some 3- vent covers..i knew i should probubly not have but i thought id take a chance..they barely lasted a year on top of my rv before they broke down from the uv's from the sun..they basically turned into small wafer like peices that looked like crakers..the worst plastic junk ive ever seen,,and they were 40$ each not to mention installation..whats my time worth?..i will never go to crappy tire ever again as long as i live..tired of the junk they sell..this was the quesnel crappy tire in bc..i wrote a review on these vent covers on thier website and they never published it
By Amaranth Roadrunner on Oct 11, 2011
My experience with Canadian Tire at confederation and preston has included some dodgey work.

I had a set of nordic winter tires installed and they are directional tire and they were put on wrong, showed them and they reinstalled confed

Wen to Preston had tires and lights changed on my truck or so i thought. Driving at night a month later and thought to my self these really seem no better, when i installed these bulbs on our other car it was an incredible difference. As it turned out they charged me for the upgraded silver star, but never installed them.

The mechanic took one look, and said by the fact that they both had a yellow tinge, not bright white, that they hadn't been changed, probably an honest mistake. Another guy who identified himself as Assist Manager made up some bull about the a bad light, making no allowance for the fact that both lights were than changed out.

Haven't been back to preston
By automax on Jul 06, 2011
I actually worked there many years ago when it was new and at that time they did have a many talented mechanics but many of them either retired or left soon after due to the poor wages and bad management. They started to hire young apprentices and mechanics with little experience and skills who were willing to accept the pay which sounds like it is still going on to this day.

The Service manager at that time was the owners son who had no mechanical knowledge and very little to no managment training which was a major problem that was never addressed. He caused so much unnecessary stress to the employees and to many valued customers over the years ...such as shame.

By wsakowsky on Apr 27, 2011
The Manager and supervisor have to be the rudest people,i can not see why the owners do something about them.I guess they don't give a crap.After having my company vehicle miss-diagnosed
for front end parts.I was told if you don't like it go somewhere else.Well guess what i have, and have told every one i know about how they will rip you off.
By nonmember7 on Mar 10, 2011
Recently my car had a problem with an oil leak so i decided to take it into the Canadian tire service shop since my girlfriend works there and i could get a 10% discount. The next day i get a call from the shop telling me the diagnosis and that its going to cost about $800, i agree to this high price but the next day i get another call giving me a different diagnosis and that their first was wrong and the price has gone up to $1200 they tell me they already have a used part ready to go that they will put in. once again the next day i get a call about how the used part is broken and yet another new diagnosis with the price over $2000. at this point i am so angry, my car has been in the shop for close to a week and nothing has been done except for wrong diagnosis i know about cars and what it took them a week to figure out i could have done much faster. i talk to the supervisor who is very rude and unhelpful he says that he will speak to his manager and call me back the next day to tell me the final result. he fails to call for the next 3 days. at this point i am so pissed i go into the shop and ask to take a look at my car, not much at all has been done and there is also a new scratch all along my back bumper. after a long fight with the manager he says that my car will be fixed along with the bumper for the price of $1250 tax included. finally when i go to pay they tell me that i cannot use my girlfriends discount because we do not live together!

all in all a terrible experience. their mechanics are very poor and do not know how to do anything, manager is very rude and not much different can be said about the store owner. very disappointed and will never ever return there and i will do my best to prevent others from making the same mistake i did.
By Copper Halibut on Jan 03, 2011
I've used Canadian Tire at Preston Crossing several times for various repairs. I can't say I have ever had a problem with a repair or a part. On occassion I find their rates expensive mostly because they charge according to "the book" and a job that takes 30 min. can be charged significantly more time. I hate that their is time alloted for diagnosing the problem when you go in and say change or fix something.
By jd68 on Jun 09, 2010
We were up in saskatoon for he weekend, we blew our tire on the highway it was after midnight our spare would not come off so it was towed to canadian tire on confederation drive in saskatoon. sunday contected them severeal times we needed toget home to our kids anyways, talked to four differant people one phoned me said truck was get there and nope still in parking lot so the extent to our truck was severs they blew torched our spare off got careless with the blow tourch we thought every thing was ok they put spare on paid 270$ which was unreal drove the truck all the way home 5 hour drive take it next day to get tires you guys are lucky we never got killed or killed someone else 2200$ under truck in cluding the axcile to hold whells on they could off flown off NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!!!! so please beware off what kind off people they hire they may be cheaper but please take your vehicale to your local dealership i will never step foot in a canadian tire again ! and we have talked to others to that have had similier stories
Comment by jd68 on Jun 09, 2010
soory it was preston avenue
By Finehereok on Dec 14, 2009
My wife brought her Vehicle into The Preston Ave Sask location to have issue's looked at. They ended up charging $150 for a USED part I could of got used for $50, as well replaced bulbs that didn't have to be replaced to begin with. Also a week later our New battery was run to crap, wont hold a charge or even crank in the cold, but was working good previous to this.
By Maroon Lark on Aug 13, 2009
I recently went to have my oil changed at the Milton Canadian Tire. A few weeks later I noticed one of the caps for the air valve was sitting on the floor of my car. It was surprising since I hadn't checked the air pressure in my tires in some time. I then noticed that all of the caps were missing and of course the last time anyone had checked the pressure was during my servicing. I can no longer find the remaining caps and when I called the store all they did was tell me to come in and get some new ones. I dont have a problem with that, but the associate didn't even bother to apologize for the inconvenience. I definitely will not be using Canada Tire for my auto maintenance and repairs in the future.
Comment by SMARTRER on Mar 07, 2010
that's crazy. I can't believe someone would write a paragraph complaining about this.
By Black Marsupial on Aug 09, 2009
This Canadian Tire is a complete joke. I had a raincheck for an item and I called the store asking if it was in stock. The rude customer service girl ensured me it was without checking the computer. Sure enough I drive out there, and it isn't in stock at all, and I'm kept waiting for 20 mins while they "look" for it.
This for a $30 product, I can only imagine the auto service. And they give you this horrible service with a brand new Wal-Mart across the road....and people wonder how Canadian Tire is almost bankrupt.
By Coral Barnacle on Mar 28, 2009
My car would stall once it was operating temp. I took it in they charged me $300. I drove off and 10 min into the drive the same thing. The car stalled in the middle of traffic in rush hour.
I went back the next day and they took it in again and told me that I have to replace something else now.
Well, I usually do all my work on the cars etc so I am not just like anybody else out there and know a little about car. So I asked them what they wanted to change and how much it would cost me. They said something with the ignition coils and about another $300. So naturally I asked why they changed the part that I paid for already. They said its what the computer told them. So I refused to let them do any other work and talked to the manager about it. After a long fight I managed to get all but $60 from them.
I am pissed at them because they wasted my time and my money for a part that was working just fine.
So I had the same old problem after a couple of days of going back and forth and I was down $60.

If you like to fix your car please avoid Canadian Tire. Those guys in that place have no idea what they are doing and how to deal with their customers.
By Bole Dormouse on Mar 23, 2009
Very bad experience. Delivery my car there around 10:30 and get called around 2:30pm that service was done. When I was waiting there for about 1 hour, no one was working on my car but they totally charged me of over 5 hours labour work. Ask for a reason, they told me that is what they charged customs whatever how many hours working on the car, they still will charge customers same hours work.

They are liers.
By abhat on Feb 04, 2009
I took my car to Canadian tire, 1731 Preston Ave. N, Saskatoon on 24th January 2009 to fix the gear stick in my car. After their initial inspection they called me around 6PM and told me that it will cost you 270$. When I confirmed after calling them back as I had no other option although knowing that it is a high cost; I was told that we are closed for the day and the repair will be done on Sunday. On Sunday at 9AM they called me that the repairment is done. When I went to pickup my car I found my total bill is 388$ + taxes in which 360$ was labour charges. After paying the money I realized that I was cheated as the 3 hr work was never done because on Sunday the store opens at 8AM and the work was completed before 9 AM. Next day when I tried to start my car it was not running. After trying for three days without any success when it started it showed check engine. Then I went to Canadian tire and told them the whole story including the extra money they charged me. They gave me some unacceptable reason like first they told me we worked late and when I told them that it is not possible because you told that we are closed now then they told me that we did it early in the morning. They even alleged me that I am telling them liers. After long discussion without accepting their fault they asked me to bring the car. When I took my car to them they told we will check everything without any cost. Next day they called me that there is some problem in the engine and the heat blocker is blown out which will cost you 200-300$ more. I told that I don't want the repairment but they told that still you have to pay 90$ otherwise they will not release my car. After talking to the manager and even complaining to the Canadian tire head quarters they still are telling the same story and are not releasing my car. From last one week I am suffering so badly in the chilling weather in commuting from my home to work place.
I here encourage every person who has such bad experience with this Canadian tire store to write reviews so that we can stop them from cheating others.
Comment by nonmember7 on Mar 10, 2011
WOW i hate that place will never go their again
By Crimson Loon on Jan 03, 2009
I had a car battery replaced today at Canadian tire. Altogether, it was a very frustrating experience, and I came away quite angry. I was quoted a price for the new battery plus installation. Later, when the work was already done, I was told that the price would be much higher because of the position of the battery in my particular vehical. The difference was substantial. I was quoted about 160 dollars before the work was done, but they charged me over 200! For a very typical procedure in a very common model of car, I would expect that a large buisness could give me an appropriate estimate of the cost, and respect that committment.

Furthermore, they could not tell me where in the parking lot they had put my vehical. When it is minus forty outside, that parking lot seems awefully large!

I feel like I have been tricked or mislead by this experience, and would either urge the buisness to correct their procedures for future customers, or for customers to go elsewhere.
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Canadian Tire offers a wide selection of products for every season from Tires, Wheels & Auto Service to Camping Gear & Kitchen Appliances, to BBQs, Lawn Mowers and Fitness Equipment, we've got it.
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