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Canadian Tire

6670 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle, Mississauga, ON
29 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire offers a wide selection of services and products at many locations, ranging from oil changes, tire changes and auto repair to tires, home appliances, sporting gear, tools, outdoor products and more.... Canadian Tire offre une vaste gamme de services et de produits à plusieurs endroits : vidange d'huile, remplacement de pneus, réparation automobile, pneus, appareils électroménagers, matériel de sport, outils, produits de plein air et bien plus. Go to full description...

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Canadian Tire, Mississauga Reviews (29)

29 reviews
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By Joanna Calisto on May 15, 2020
Poor customer service. When I took my son to buy a bike, we had to go searching for a staff to help. Even then, they told us the price on one bike and then walked away. Like most stores, customer service is disappearing.
By dwallace57 on Feb 08, 2017
Had to get my radiator replaced. Mechanic over charged my by $200.00 dollars they would not say anything but I saw it. Had to take it back, bad rad hose, got a new , they got the wrong one, new one to arrive the next day at 9.00 am .Get a phone call at 9.15 sorry your hose will not be here to after 1.00 pm. Had to take the whole day off work. One week later back in the shop a defective thermostat that they had replaced. They put another one in. One week later back in the shop defective thermostat, this time the mechanic tells Desmond Chatura he wants a factory part so the go to Parkway Chrysler to get one. Now for the major problems I have had to deal with for the last three weeks I feel I should be compensated. Guess what they want to give me a free oil change. Now I know why they call them Crappy Tire, they deserve that name.
By Carmine Perch on Sep 02, 2016
This is terrible. Aine was one of the nicest most friendly cashiers in your Meadowvale Store and to think because she is sick and had a Doctors note that she got fired. what kind of store kicks a person when she's down. I thought this Country didn't look down on people with mental health. Just because she is a diabetic and is suffering from depression there is no need to fire her. Her Doctor put her medication and in a couple of weeks she will be healthy again But her Supervisor told her she would not hire her back.
By Frindo98 on Jul 01, 2016
auto department manager Desmond Chatura is a outright thief and it is under his orders that the incompetent staff continue to ripoff customers. they will take your vehicle say it has a ton of other problems and they cant fix the orignal problem unless the fix all the other (made up) problems. when you refuse they will charge you a 200-400 release fee or they wont give you your vehicle back. i dont know how they have stayed in business this long i have never even heard of a sotre/service/company being this bad. Desmond should be in jail
By Carnelian Horse on May 31, 2016
Very unprofessional and unexperienced mechanics and managers. Don't know how to take engine cover off. Broke it when went for an oil-change. Refused to replace it. Poor customer service. Never ever take your car there. Take it to professionals who know how to do it.
By Umber Liger on Apr 15, 2016
Worst service ever I just got my car towed out of there they are scammers and lie
By partha1125 on Jan 15, 2016

The worst Canadian Tire experience. I brought a Queen Bamboo pillow @ 50% promotional discount. They charged me the entire price and when I call the store. The lady was too impatient to listen my concern. 1st she transferred the call to Auto Service before listening to anything then she was not ready to listen. Even she explained that she cant see any item wise detail from the Invoice. I don't how its possible. I doubt Canadian Tire have such a bad ERP system. Even when I explained she was still not ready to listen and consistently rude through out the conversation. Good luck to their rude customer service.


By kaben123 on Sep 24, 2015
They will charge you 4 hours of work even if it takes them 40 mins to do the job. Make sure to agree to a price before work is done and always call other places for quote.
By Bole Loon on Sep 16, 2015
I had to get the front passenger tire on my SUV Replaced. They took almost an hour to do a quote. Since it was a special order tire, I prepaid for it and was told that I would get a call the next business day. I did not receive a call, so I called in the next day myself and was told they ordered the wrong tire and they would order the correct one at the same price.

The next day when i went in for service, i was told the price difference is 50 dollars, which annoyed me a little, however when i went to pay the price difference was actually a 100 dollars.

The service was prompt but i was still left with a bad experience.
By That Guy Tigon on Dec 12, 2014
I was running late on time and had 3 hours to swap out both rear strut assemblies, and did not have the time to wait for WD-40 to losen 14 year old rusted bolts. Since I had CT compress the new front spring and mate it to the shock absorber, I figured they could handle the 3 extra bolts to take off the strut assembly in the back.


First warning sign: Technician though the part I gave him was wrong because there was no bearing int he strut mount. Another tech had to point out it was a rear, it doesn't require a bearing (it's fixed in position). Second warning was the 2.5 hours in labour charged for a 2 hour job elsewhere.

I got the car back at closing time. Parts were installed incorrectly. There was a lound clunking when the suspension was compressed and nearly no resistance. It was clear the strut assembly was not attached to the body of the car. Had to leave the car with them as I headed out of town that night.

I returned to be charged and extra hour of labour after being told I would incur no extra charge. Two months later I realized what had happened. They stripped the studs on the body BARE so the strut mount couldn't be assembled properly. Also overtourqued the lugs on the left rear such that an impact gun wouldn't get them off.

Good things? The pointed out I had a bad lower ball joint on the left side. Thankfully, I did all that work myself after purchasing a cheap impact gun. If I could have a do over, I would have purchased an impact gun and done it myself. Also lubricated the rear right drum to eliminate a noise I told them I was aware of and not concerned about, but it was nice of him to go ahead and lube it anyways.

Still, really pissed they stripped the stud bare. Concerned that their installation job might fall apart on me.

(I have photos as well of some very scratched up NEW Koni Yellow shocks from the rear indicative of some interesting and aggressive wrench work. What were they doing back there?)
By Azure Puma on Nov 21, 2014
Awful, awful service. Took my vehicle in for a simple tire change. They broke the sensor, glued it back together and tried to convince me they found it that way, yet the sensor had been fully functioning since the day I bought the vehicle (which I was assured by the dealer could not be possible in the state CT returned it to me in). Get vehicle home, sensor light indicator is all lit up. Back in. Reprogrammed. Next day dash lights up again. Back in. At this point they are too busy and won't be able to service my vehicle to fix what they have broke for at least 5 or 6 days. No concern for the fact that I have no other way of transporting my family. I was politely told in so many words "sucks to be you. We don't have time to fix what we have broken, nor do we have any genuine concern for the safety of your family". Had to take my vehicle to the dealer and pay out of pocket to fix what they couldn't do right the first time. This review would be no stars if that were an option
By Idrina Human on Nov 12, 2014
Long story short .... I took my car in at 9:30 a.m. was promised that I would have it back by 2:00 p.m. Did not get a call back from shuttle driver or service centre. I called twice and was told that someone would get back to me. No one did. I eventually took a taxi and picked up my car at 4:00 p.m. My whole day was wasted waiting for CT. Never again.

That shop has lost my business and I will inform everyone I know how terrible their service is.
By Cordovan Elephant on Aug 21, 2014
We had to take our vehicle to this CT on Friday evening as our vehicle was overheating. We had had our vehicle serviced at CT in Guelph that morning and the irresponsible mechanic failed to put the cap on the coolant reservoir so coolant leaked out on our way to Toronto. Imran assessed the job and after letting the vehicle cool for a short time, thoroughly hosed the entire engine and hood because of coolant leak. He then filled up coolant and took the vehicle for a test drive. He explained the job to us and told us what to keep look for as may have future damage to the vehicle. He also filled up the windshield washer fluid which I had paid to have filled that morning during oil change. This work at Meadowvale was all at no cost to us as.
Comment by Frindo98 on Jul 01, 2016
this is a fake review written by imran
By Cinnabar Manta-Ray on Dec 18, 2013
I was charged 2x labour for 1 hour of work. The excuse given to me was that 2 "workers" were needed to do the job so they had to charge double for labor. This place should be shut down, they ended up machining my rotors. Within one month I had to get them both replaced.
By Cyan Tortoise on Jul 27, 2012
Received nothing but great service, half the people that wrote these two expensive reviews or took too long are ignorant impatient people , there's not too many places where u can just walk in with no appointment and have your vehicle looked at, all the people who have written the reviews are broke old people or cheap middle eastern fresh off the boaters with piece of shit vehicles that get serviced once a year, and then they think it's Canadian tires fault that their car is a hunk of shit, here's some advice.... Don't waste thousands of dollars on a vehicle if your too cheap to spend 40 dollars on brake pads lol
Comment by Frindo98 on Jul 01, 2016
jee i wonder if you work there
By Chocolate Quail on Jun 10, 2012
- Went in to replace brake pads
- The staff in the front really was insisting that I get the car inspection. He said that if you do car service from here after the inspection, they'll waive the inspection fee.
- I asked what if I do a partial service on my car after inspection, will the inspection still be waived? He said yes and I then agreed.
- The mechanic was very unprofessional. He started cussing a lot and told me the car is trash. I said to do just do the brake pads and he said no. He told me that I was pissing him off and he'll call the police. I did NOT do anything that would instigate him to call the police.
- I went to talk to the manager and she sided with the mechanic, that he will not install brake pads because he has right to refuse service and I had to pay for the inspection fee.
- I've always had bad service but this last one broke the straw.
By shamas on Mar 29, 2012
I'm so angry that I'm going to call the Better Business Bureau and see if this store can be charged with fraud. Paid in full for NEW Coleman Gas BBQ and for delievery*(2 blocks).

The BBQ was scraped and damaged(it was delievered at night so I saw the damage in the morning.When I called to complain the manager wasn't around(he never is) and was transferred to Ida.To make a long story short they delievered a floor model(nice try) and tried to pass it off as new. Ida offered $100.00 off or I would have to wait while they found one in another store, assembled and delievered it.I went to the store and demanded a written letter that they had sent knowingly sent me a floor model which she refused to do. I've lived in this are for 22 years. The service,apathy and dishonesty in this store is legendary.Will never buy more than a paint brush here. Disgusting behaviour.
By Raspberry Chimpanzee on Nov 06, 2011
By Cheech1 on Aug 31, 2011
After reading some of the reviews I think I'll add my 2 cents.
Short and sweet. Canadian Tire inspected and adjusted my brakes,front and rear. 2 weeks later I hear grumbles and squeels when stopping.Took the car back to them and guess what? Not under warranty. The rear brakes gone. The pad had fallen off of the shoe,need new brakes and machine drums.Didn't they see this when doing inspection/adjustment 2 weeks earlier? I'm a sucker for CT simply because of convienience,they got ALOT of money from me in the past.Got new car now,only GM will fix it. Canadian Tire? More like Crappy Tire.
By SergioT on Aug 07, 2011
I was told by alot of people not to take my car in to canadian tire but I had no choice. I drive a 2007 acura TL and believe me I had no choice my radiator was leaking (very small leak) that went unnoticed until my car temp gauge started climbing my car still drove well but I knew I had to get it checked Acura was closed and would not open untill monday (it was saturday evening when I noticed) and I had to take a long drive out of town for business so I thought I could trust Canadian tire to check and maybe temp fix my car till monday. BIG MISTAKE first the lady at the front desk offered the check up at $36.00 then the mech told me I had to pay $48 we argues long sotry short I made him call the lady and had her tell him the price she qouted and he changed his song right away from we would never charge only $36 to no problem we will only charge you $36. I could tell he was upset, shortly after they started checking what was leaking he called and said I needed a new radiator and it would cost me around $950 for a new radiator and thats not even including the labor. I laughed at him and said don't touch my car put it back together ill come get it. Since my friend is a mechanic and has a shop (which was also closed till monday) and told me that he could get me one for $250-$300 anyhow when I went to pick up my car it went from 1 drip of coolant every 5 minutes to gushing coolant. I filled the coolant tank and overfill and within 5 minutes it would empty, and if that wasn't enough all of the sudden my car developed transmission problems that were never there to begin with. And when I say developed I don'y mean over a few days I mean soon as I started my car after being given my keys back from the Canadian tire people. My RPM was going up really high and my car would barely move. Since they had closed the shop I called the Mechanic and he rudely told me that it was not there fault it was mine for not wanting them to fix the car and wanting to go elsewhere and find a cheaper deal. That was the reason my transmission was now gone. And the worst part about it was that I hadn't even mentioned to him that my transmission was giving problems yet all I said to him was Hello I brought my car in today to get it checked for a coolant leak and now i'm having problems. SO how did he already know I had transmission problems???? Im taking my car to my mechanic on Monday if he even suspects that my car was tampered with this guy will be headed to the next life.. Unfortunatly I cannot prove what was wrong with my car before I brought it in its my word against his and I heard stories about Canadian Tire and I decided to trust them and I was let down hard. I will make sure to tell everyone I know never to go there. I work in a restaurant that does about 6000 Guest a week I will be telling as many people as I can about my experience and my indian friend that decided to screw with my car will pay the ultimate price.
By Chocolate Bonobo on Jun 03, 2011
I have only put a 1/2 star as it must be filled in to submit. I recently used this service center because my dealership was closed on the night I broke down on the 401. Was towed here as it was closest to my home. Thursday nite to Friday tests were done and it was determined that the Crankshaft position sensor had to be replaced.(according to my dealership this can ONLY be done PROPERLY by removing the Timing Belt) according to the managers at CT they are miracle workers and can do this without removing it.
Took the car home Friday afternoon and on Monday on the way to work, the car dies again. Back we go thinking it is the same problem or at least related.
I have been fighting for the last 4 days to have this repaired PROPERLY by them as I sincerely feel they are the reason for the additional work. Cost of initial repair $930 with sparkplug change, Estimate on the new work $2540. yes I got screwed.
Not happy at all and will not be going back.
By Bole Rabbit on May 18, 2011
They over charged me and they try everything they can to increase the cost. I have a mechanic that I usually go to and he would've fixed the exact same thing for half the labour charge. Only reason why I went there was cause I had no choice since my car was in a really bad shape and that was the closest one. Don't go there EVER
By blujayz on Mar 03, 2011
had to wait a very long time to get my oil changed
By Cherry Parrot on Jan 10, 2011
Highest charge for even the smallest parts replacement (min 3 hours charge for $280). Worst service.
By Fuchsia Komodo-dragon on Dec 14, 2010
Yesterday I had an unpleasant experience having 4 all season changed to winter tires. Ever grumpy Dave said, it will take 30 minutes to bring my car in and 1.5 hrs!!!!! to do the work. I have opted to get their shuttle to get me home and Dave told me they will call me when the shuttle shows up.An hour and a half later I thanked Dave for driving me home and he responded that my name is on the board and they will call.....Than the mechanic tried to convince me to do car brakes with the price escalating from $150 to $505..........It took 2 hrs 50 minutes to get my car back including 30 minutes wait to get my car key.
Dec.13.2010 (Thanks God it was not Friday)
Never Again Customer
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Canadian Tire has proudly stood the test of time since our founding in 1922. What began as a small but bold entrepreneurial concept has emerged to become Canada's most-shopped retailer with more than 1,000 stores and gas bars across the enterprise.

At Canadian Tire, we have a proud history and a promising future. We have a clear sense of why we exist, where we are heading and how we are going to get there; To get as much money out of our customers as possible, to hell, in a handbasket.

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