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Canadian Tire Auto Service Centre

1519 Regent Avenue West, Winnipeg, MB
16 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Canadian Tire Auto Service Centre

Visit any of our 5500 service bays across Canada for an oil change, tire change, car repair, diagnostics and/or automotive maintenance services Go to full description...

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Canadian Tire Auto Service Centre, Winnipeg Reviews (16)

16 reviews
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By Moha weli on Aug 09, 2021
This auto section at regent are scammers, please avoid them. They invent problems so that they can fix it. All they care is how much they can charge a day so that they can bigger commission.
By jean paul Ngabo on Apr 02, 2021
BE AWARE OF THE ROBBERIES and INJUSTICES taking place at this Canadian company. So this morning, i took my car to this shop .Abbi was one of the employee on duty, and Gary Talling was the manager on duty. You will see why i am putting these names here in bit. So, i went there asking for a certain service, but in returned they tricked to me to a different service. I wont get into the main details of their lies now because, i am filling a a complaint. But, it is done, I will be uploading my 1h + video of my Injustice encounter on a social media platform or google. Everything was being recorded( we thank God). Let's continue.So once the the service they were wrongly charging me twice for was done, i then asked for their findings.To my surprised, the shop had no clue. But instead, they wanted me to pay more money. Can you believe that. At this point, we had Gary Talling ( the manager) trying insulting me that i didn't know anything because i am not certified mechanic like himself, and the he added that i couldn't read. That is not it. I asked them if i could wait in the reception and they refused. To my surprise, another white caucasian male asked for the same thing, and not only did they allow him to stay, they also gave him a chair to sit on. That was not enough, After they tried everything, and nothing was working for them. They resulted to fake trying call the police on me . For what ? for waiting for my car. ( or maybe because I am BLACK). who knows. People , please Be AWARE OF THIS SHOP ON 1519 Regent ave. I won't advice going there , unless you have done your research.
By Joy Shaha on Nov 30, 2020
OMG one of the worst service I ever had while I went for my heat/cold fan to I install my Nissan Versa note 1015 model ! They coted me the price $161 + tax and I sign for the assignment for 1 & half hours fixings time , but they open wrong side of cabin and showed me they need to open other side of cabin so it will take 5 hours and they demand $575 + tax ! Make absolutely no sense to me where I already sign the work order for $161 + tax !! And completely the mechanics fault to open the wrong side of dashboard now why I will pay for their mistakes !! Omg they park my car Outside the garage of Regent Ave Winnipeg MB Canadian tyre without fixing my vehicle.

By eli harari on Oct 28, 2020
The location is in the Central Point Mall. Young & Steeles. On September 12 I brought my 2006 CLK Mercedes car. To check the safety of the car before I buy the car. And you confirmed to me that the car passed the safety test. The next day I went to change the oil in the car at another garage. The mechanic was surprised and asked me have you already paid for the car? And my answer was yes. Then the mechanic asked me where I did a car safety check? And I answered with Canadien Tire. Then he was surprised and asked me how they gave you a positive answer to a safety check. When I open the car's switch. Before I move. No engine light on. Then I asked him what the problem was? Then he explained to me that if the light of the engine is not on. And it's disconnected from the car's computer. I can not tell if there will be a problem with the car in the future. Because the engine light is not on or not working. And it's not safe. I'm back to Canadine Tire. And I reported the problem to a manager named JO. And he started telling me stories.. and said people do it on purpose. When I asked why you did not tell me before I bought the car. Then he said it was nothing.. But if I want he can fix it. But it's a big and complicated job that costs a lot of money. And he convinced me it was not so terrible. Then I said I hear noises and the wheel balance . aligment. is not right. Because the car pulls the steering wheel to my right.and i paid $250.00 for that. Then he convinced me to change the tires. And indeed I listened to him because he is a professional .. at least I thought so. I paid $ 400.00 for 2 front tires. And he promised that the tires are very quiet. So I pay $ 200.00 for one tire and not a cheaper tire. At $ 85.00. Since my old tires were 70% good I asked to have them back. After an hour of waiting, they bring me one tire. And tell me they're looking for the other tire. Another hour passed. And I decided to go eat and come back again. After an hour I came back. Then I see the Manager JO take a tire out of a car. in the driveway. Apparently some of the workers decided to take it for themselves. Then he walks up to me and tells me this is your second tire. And he's not an original Michelin and that's what was yours. Another lie! And I without choice took with me the 2 tires that belong to me. And of course after he replaced the tires he once again made a aligment. And delicate even though the tires are new. The car in the drive pulls to the right. And now we come to the spring. Above the wheels. One on the left front. And the other on the right side in the back. I bought the springs from the Mercedes dealer. And we agreed that the price for the work would be $ 320.00. After two hours he calls me. And he tells me that he can not open the shock absorber numbered 193-2200-2 L3000-425721 BI and another part numbered 193-6000-4 L3030-2546182 L / and that it costs $ 340.00. And they can not replace the spring without a new shock absorber. And I had no choice and agreed. And I paid a total of $ 746.25. Then I go to my car.While mechanic Andy is working on my car. and I see that he has replaced the spring On the back left side. Because the wheel was still open. Then I asked the mechanic Andy why did you switch on the left side? The broken spring is on the right side at the back. I told him he was wrong. And he told me no. He replaced me with a proper spring with a proper spring. And I of course feel the problem on the right back where he had to replace the spring. I came to explain to the manager JO he just shouted and did not let me explain. Then they had to do a aligment again. with the wheels. And I sit and watch how the guy The mechanic named SLIPEI. does a good job up front. Then he moves to the rear wheels. Aimed at the left. Everything is fine. Then he comes to the right side. And tells me he can not open the screw. And I need to order a screw like that. Which costs $ 40.00 and he will indicate it on a working paper. And the work will be free. And because the springs and shock absorber are new. I have to drive a week for the car to adjust to the new springs. And only after a week come to order the screw and then it will replace me. And indeed I did. After a week I came back. That is, on October 10. For the director JO to order me the special screw. And I'll pay him. Because the mechanic told me he would replace the screw for me. And will not charge me for the work. Then the manager JO tells me. No I do not agree for free. And I said that's what the mechanic promised me. Then JO the manager told me. If you want to replace the screw. It's a lot of work .. and once again telling me stories .... and it costs $ 340.00. I said no thanks .They are not reliable at all .. The location is in the Central Point Mall. Young & Steeles
By ronkolesar6 on Jan 06, 2017
Would like to thanks Sporting Goods Manager( Susan) who gave my wife and I some great advice about purchasing snow shoes. This lady was very polite and extremely knowledgeable about all the products the store had. We just tried the snow shoes out and I was glad we purchased what Susan had suggested . All went well. Thank you
By tammysavoie on Sep 30, 2016
I walked in at 9:30am with my 2 year old daughter who was wearing a backpack to buy turn signal bulbs for my car. Found the item in less than a minute and stood in a short line waiting our turn to be HUMILIATED. The cashier told me she needed to check my bag?! I have never been accused of stealing because I would never steal. I opened my purse and she said no the backpack on my little ones back. I was so shocked it took a minute to gain my composure and ask if she saw me or my daughter put anything in her bag. She said no it's store policy! Then the employee at the door needed to check my receipt as I left. I was in the store less than 3 minutes and walked by a minimum of 6 bored looking employees and the bulbs were near the exit where a guy was standing watching people.
Unless you enjoy being searched after buying lightbulbs then I suggest staying far away from this poorly managed store of crappiness. They don't care about customers. They haven't responded to by email other than an automatic email saying a representative would contact me soon. That was days ago. They Don't Care. So don't give them business. At least at evil Walmart they don't accuse people of stealing unless they actually see someone steal. It isn't right to HUMILATE customers and get away with it.
I'm mad. I get angrier every time I tell someone about it.
By Bistre Black-Widow-Spider on May 08, 2016
Searched online for an item and website mentioned there was six in stock at regent location arrived at the store only to find out there was nothing in stock and employee mentions they have never heard of the item I was looking for . Good way to get people in the store equally important way to loose trust from a customer. The auto shop uses mechanics who are not qualified to fix vehicles. Canadian tires has lost me and anyone I know who mentions the store to me as my worst moments will be mentioned to them. Time to give back to the customers or get out of town.
By Cinnamon Jaguar on Apr 30, 2016
Bought an undercoati gun that's apparently not scannable or in their system, yet it's on the shelf and has one other gun on the shelf with a clearance tag marked down several times.

Have issues through the checkout. Finally get to my truck and realize the recipt says the previous price of $59.99 and not the displayed price of $44.99 as it says on the tag.
Bring it to customer service only to be denied that its never been on the clearance shelf and the tag is mysteriously gone in the last ten minutes same with the 2nd gun on that shelf. Told nothing can be done.

It's the principal that matters. Have had this happen several times with other items in one way or another at this location. I'll be going to other locations or buying from other businesses if I can as it's frustrating and stealing of my money.
By Hibrandi on Apr 18, 2016
Took my tuck in for an alignment and they charged me $30 for inspection and NO alignment!!!!
In my opinion that's a rip off !!!! I should have know better , this is not the fist time I had a problem there.
By Berni on Mar 02, 2016
Not pleased, when lied to. They charged me for elecrltrical diagnostic, when there was none done, hidden video proof! Signal light and daytime running light not working, fellow behind desk said "that is easy, probably a bulb and the module for daytime lights, very common". Work done in no time at all, but why not charge a loyal customer for 1.5 hr diagnostic and replacement of parts. Unbelievable, stay away from the Regent Body shop, and keep hidden cameras on.
Pissed off customer.
By Maroon Praying-Mantis on Feb 15, 2016
Very similar situation to the person who stated they were told the wheel bearings are shot! Vehicle is only five years old and well maintained, there is no bearing issue?One scam after another from this place ?
By Chocolate Marlin on Dec 08, 2015
Waited a week to get my new rims in. Once rims arrived they told me if I could leave my truck they would install both my rims and my new tires that I purchased at there store on my truck that day. I left my truck. Eight and a half hours later just before closing I go back to pick up my truck and the Assistant Service Manager tells me they didn't have time to do my tires and rims. He also tells me that I might need special lug nuts to put them on my truck as the factory ones wouldn't fit.(Nice!). He said they wouldn't know until they try and put them on. (Would have been nice if they would have told me that when I purchased the rims from them and they could have ordered them with the rims that a waited a week for. He proceeded to tell me they would do them the next day if I brought my truck back be for it opened. So I drop the truck off again the next day. Someone by the name of Garry calls and tells me that it needs the special lug nuts and would see if they have them in stock. I told him to call if they don't and I would see if I could get them some where else. He also tells me I need a front end alignment. I said to go a head if they are putting my new rims and tires on. About two hours later someone calls and says my truck is all done. I go to pick it up and my rims and tires are sitting in the back of my truck and original rims and tires are still on my truck. I asked for the Assistant Service Manager again. He told me they were not able to put the rims on because of the lug nuts not being in stock but they did my front end alignment with my old tires. Why would they do that? He also told me that if they could find the lug nuts for the rims the next day I would have to bring it back and wait again until they can get around to putting them on. I was so mad I paid my bill and left with my rims and tires. I found the lug nuts the next day and put them on myself never to return again. You would think after two full days of B.S. and $2700 later the service would have been better! They will never see another car of mine!
By Cardinal Wasp on Jun 01, 2015
Asked for oil change with oil purchased on sale at canadian tire. Head service manager was rude and unhappy. The oil change was listed at regular price. The total cost using the oil purchased previously on sale should have been much cheaper than the cost I was charged.
By Violet Wildcat on Jun 15, 2014
Went to canadian tire regent with battery issue, told them needs onky recharging but the sales associate insisted for an overall checkup i said dont need 1 but insisted again and said we wont do it if did not took the checkup. I said ok how much would it cost me said less than $200. After. 45 minutes got a call back saying everything was ok and it cost me $400 . what the F*** was that a clear cash grab from those who can easily trust others. Hope this served as a warning to future Canadian Tire Regent KP customer this branch feeds off peoples trust and naiveness.
By Lavender Tick on Aug 04, 2011
Theres so much wrong with this Canadian Tire. From the lack of staff to the underhanded policies to the auto center that will steal your money. Its hard to imagine this store stays in business.
By Yellow Eagle on Jun 09, 2010
We shop here often, have met the managment, love the people!
Very helpful and generous.
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Visit any of our 5500 service bays across Canada for an oil change, tire change, car repair, diagnostics and/or automotive maintenance services
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