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MetCap Living

130 George Henry Boulevard, North York, ON
50 reviews
Claim this business Last updated: Over a year ago
About MetCap Living

MetCap Living is a manager of 46 multi-family properties comprising of 8,105 suites in the Greater Toronto Area, 1,194 suites in Montreal and another 68 suites in Belleville, Ontario. MetCap Living ha Go to full description...

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MetCap Living, North York Reviews (50)

50 reviews
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By Faryed on Mar 26, 2017
I used to be a tenant with MetCap in Montreal St Matthieu building and I can guarantee you that I've never had such a terrible experience. I wish I could rate negative ratings instead of the minimum being one star!

The first bad experience was when the air conditioner/heater in my apartment went off. I requested maintenance about 5 times and they sometimes the technician to check it over and over without ever fixing it. This process took more than 6 months and was not fixed until I left.

The second and most terrible experience was miss representation by the building manager, her name is Nadia. Long story short, after the never done maintenance, I decided to leave the building at the end of my lease. When they sent the lease renewal notice I made sure I refuse renewing and I submitted the signed notice and my decision in person to Nadia. I was naive by trusting people too much and did not request her signature and a copy of the notice. At that time Nadia was facing a problem where many tenants were leaving because of their attitude and she was trying not to get fired because of that. When my lease ended I came to submit the key and boom! she told me no you did not inform us that you are leaving and your lease was renewed!!. She kept refusing taking the key from me and then I found out that they filled a case against me claiming that I did not pay leave the apartment and that I must pay two months rent if I do not want to stay in the apartment. Now one year and a half post this incident and I am not able to lease anywhere because they messed up my file with "regie du logement" and I refused to pay the two months because I feel I was made of and will never pay it to them under any circumstances. However, Nadia was fired less than a year later but I think the reason was not because of tenants complaints but it was because the building was losing tenants at a high rate.

In short, there are countless reputable landlords out there so take your time shopping around and reading reviews before you get trapped and end up in a situation like me.
By familygtw on Jun 30, 2016
MY son called inquiring about a unit at 21 Holborn Dr in Kitchener in March 2016 which was recently bought by METCAP and was given the run around right up until end of June 2016. He was told that he would be notified as soon as the desired unit would be available ....he never received a call...he continued to call in to inquire for availability and finally was told to come look at a unit at the end of May 2016. The 2 bedroom unit we looked at was being reno' we inquired re a 3 bedroom at another location down the street ...owned by same (METCAP). we found a unit that was appropriate....we were quoted 2bedrooms at $950 plus hydro /mnth and 3 bedrooms were $1050 plus hydro with finished basement.......we were told there was a 3 bedroom available July 1 but they didn't know whether we could move July 15 or Autgust 01 as they did not know when they were able to get the unit cleaned and fixed (they clearly did not do inspection before the tenants moved in order to properly give a date) . we filled application and just before we moved my son called to confirm the amount of the money order he was to bring...SUDDENLY the quoted rent jumped up to $1200/mnth!!!! we agreed to pay new amount but were getting an uneasy feeling about all the misinformation we were given. we put the deposit on unit and were told the unit was ours and to call july 01 to find out when we could move in. 3 weeks after my son called and was told we weren't guaranteed this unit now because he had not dropped off his pay stubs as proof of employment. My son was told he could bring them in with rent when we move in. Our unit was given away to someone else !!!!!! no notification courtesy call..NO RESPECT was given to us at all. we were then told there was a 2 bedroom we could have...we need to move so we agreed to take the 2 bedroom for $950/mnth...NOT!!!! now the 2 bedroom suddenly became $1100/mnth!!!!! WTF!!!! AND!!!! we had to fill out another application form..... ?????? AND!!!! now he couldn't guarantee we would get the 2bedroom....OMG!!!***********WE TOOK OUR MONEY ORDER BACK AND NOT ON THE COLDEST DAY IN HELL WOULD I LAY MY HEAD IN A METCAP PROPERTY!!!!!******* Terrible and unprofessional company. Last METCAP property we lived in had no heat in our unit and regular exterminations every 3 months. I thought it was that location...apparently it is all their properties. over 38 in Kitchener alone. Never again will our friends or family rent from METCAP.
By SadnewsBear on May 22, 2016
...or do. If you don't mind:

1) Garbage, in the lobby.
2) Garbage, in the parking lot
3) Garbage smell in the hallways
4) Garbage smell IN YOUR APARTMENT
5) Waking up to cold water ONLY
6) Waking up to NO water
7) Cockroaches
8) Ineffective Managment
9) A new surprise every morning in the lobby or stairwells (dog urine or maybe somebody threw up... Who knows! It's a surprise!)
...and every year a free rent raise for all!

By Violet Cardinal on Apr 12, 2016
They do not care if there tenants get bit by bugs. They do not care if something goes wrong. The supper is very rude. i am on disability. i can hardly walk. my rent goes directly from the government to them and when my wife and i learned that metcap was taking over we gave our 60 day notice. one week later we get an eviction notice saying that we owe over 2000 dollars. we gave them our stubs from our check to prove that rent was paid and they lifted the eviction. two weeks later we get anouther eviction notice from the shariff saying that we have 10 days to leave the apartment or else. we call our worker and just our luck he was transferd to anouther office and our new worker has no clue whats going on. tomorrow is our last day. we have nowere to go. it is not only us that they did this to. we were good tenents for six years, had no problems untill met cap took over. and now we are getting treated like sh.. .
By Suffered on Feb 26, 2016
If you want to move out from MetCap, then make sure you give 60 days moving out notice. The most important thing is that you keep record when you give move out notice. Fill up the proper form. Take it to the leasing office and make sure they sign it. And keep a signed copy with you as a proof that you gave 60 days notice. Or at least give 70 days notice and collect proper document. Otherwise Collection Agency will come after you to collect over $3000 dollars which will be another 2 months rent after your moving out. You are warned if you want to save your money.
By Batterfly on Nov 16, 2015
I rented at Mornelle Court and the place is disgusting. The building is infested with cockroaches and management acknowledges it but refuses to do anything about it. They also entered my unit without giving me any notice. I came home one day to find my lamp, microwave and other appliances unplugged and cupboards open. I also filled out paperwork to get a parking spot but when I went to confirm with them, they said they do not have any paperwork from me and not only that, they upped the price on me! I would never rent with them again.
By Cobalt Gecko on Oct 23, 2015
Worst management I've ever seen. I live at 15 Martha Eaton Way. The elevators barely work. The building is dirty and disgusting. The stairwells smell like urine. I've never had bed bugs until I moved into Martha. Management won't fix anything; if you complain you get attitude back. They'll give a notice to fix something but don't show up. Head office do not care. Please don't make the mistake of moving into a Metcap building. I wish I could give a negative star rating.
By blobana on Sep 28, 2015
Recently moved in, and they had parking lot under construction, that is okay, however, we still have to pay for our "parking spot". They gave quite a few tenants road-side parking permit, but the road gets crammed with cars, and I have to park 2 blocks away. The worst of the worse was when the building manager started cussing and threatening me to tow away my car when I parked on the road-side where he usually parks. He has no reservation of that spot whatsoever.

It only adds to the discomfort when there is no hot water in my apartment for the last 3 weeks. We have had notices for repair but the technicians simply can not do their jobs because the management didn't pay them for that kind of a job - this happened for three different technicians. The management is just trying to figure out a cheap fix for the problem and is unwilling to dig deep.

Very very disappointed with the management, unfortunately, I am on lease for a year and it is only my first month. I wish I could give them negative rating.
By mpaige on Sep 16, 2015
I rented an apartment from these people, initially with the intent that I was only going to be there briefly. However due to some financial issues was forced to stay a while longer than originally intended.

I ended up staying there for 5 years and never got one repair request fulfilled. The place was deplorable, where the fridge they never changed or repaired. I had many things go bad quickly and lost a lot of money that way. I put in request to fix the kitchen floor and stove. Worst landlords ever!!!, Do not rent from them

I was attacked by armed gunmen in my apartment there, I suffered fractured ribs and concussion. There was no security on the doors, they were swung wide open most of the times, lock busted. Was traumatized tremendously by the event and requested to move additionally they had no working cameras to show the police after the event. Then after turned around and sent a bill to collections to sue for 2 months rent. This is a true story.
By llllllll55 on Aug 20, 2015
I wish I could give these guys negative stars!!!, My family of four moved in and on the first day the superintendent walk in my apt with his dog nosing around the whole place also he lingered outside our apartment to listen in on conversations, had workers drilling my door at 7:30 am without proper notice, constantly walking by my windows with his barking dog, told me I was a @$%&+-# piece of shit and I was a bitch,tried to get a peace bond because he was aggressive towards me and judge called it a tenancy issue, had to phone police 3times on moving day because he would not stay away from me and he and his wife were screaming frantically at me and my family nice place to rent if you want to be constantly watched and harassed, also no repairs done in 2months I was there although I called aboyt12 times and called corporate office twice.
By Lavender Monkey on Jun 22, 2015
I have been renting at 40 Fountainhead Rd. for almost 2 years and so far haven't had any problems. No bed bugs, and only saw 1 roach in the sink once. The main issue certainly is lack of heating in the winter, and facing the west we battle heat in the summer. This can be solved with window AC units for summertime, and in the winter having a heater run. The hydro is included in rent so it does't matter how long you run your AC/heat units, which is nice.

In the past there were few water outages, but it didn't affect me at all. I pre-packed big bottles of water for next time it happened and used that to wash and clean if I needed to. The grocery store and bus stop are very close, as well as a nice bike trail. I moved here to be close to York University as I finished my degree in 2014. Now there is Rent Moola so I can pay my rent online with few clicks which is super convenient :)

By Coral Mollusk on May 28, 2015
While some commenters will say that it's her fault not buying insurance, etc etc. THEY CANNOT DISPUTE THAT METCAP IS A TERRIBLE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY. I am currently living in a MetCap building, moved in August of 2014, and will be moving out very soon. I have a 5-month old baby and am currently recovering from an auto-accident injury so I am a bit hesitant to move. But I'll sacrifice a week of my body and my baby's peace and quiet to get out of their building. When I was moving in, a bunch of disgruntled tenants were b*tching to me telling me that they were leaving soon and warned me about the building. I brushed them off as just grumpy entitled folks. I was eager to start my new life with my my wife and arriving baby. But I was so wrong.

Since I've moved in, here are the problems I've encountered:

1) no water once a week from 9 - 5PM. They will give you notice. ONE DAY NOTICE.
2) parking lot construction, hence making me lose my assigned spots. which is ok.. BUT YOU ARE STILL ASKED TO PAY FOR ASSIGNED PARKING!
3) rent increase OVER THE ALLOWABLE LIMIT. I just moved in and I'm already getting a rent increase. way to go MetCap. I'll definitely be loyal to you. NOT!
4) laundry room floods. Nuff said about that.
5) ZERO HEAT IN THE WINTER! If you are ok wearing 3 layers of sweaters at home in the winter and sitting in front of a portable heater then I guess you can live here.
6) after 40 years of not changing the one layer windows, they finally changed it under threat from the government that they will get shut down. So when do they change it? Dead middle of winter February 2015. And once again it was a ONE DAY NOTICE! Hi tenant we will be changing all your windows TOMORROW so prepare yourself!
7) bedbugs. So far, I have not had this issue but I have some neighbours who have complained about this already. I pray to God that I move out before I get this issue too.
8) sewage problem as of May 2015. Hallways smell like feces...
By Raspberry Marten on Apr 03, 2015
This company defines 'scumlord' tactics. From fake reno's (like literally throwing on some cheap primer and calling it painting so they can increase the rent), to sharing a 'cleaner' across multiple buildings that is replaced every couple months, to just ignoring dirty hallways and property, to charging tenents for government mandated repairs, to removing the phone numbers from Property Managers so they can't logged complaints, to the fake positive reviews on this site. I'm amazed that companies like this still exist. There is no way the 'team' sleeps well at night. Just know what you are getting into.

By Gray Koi on Mar 02, 2015
I made the mistake of not looking up for reviews on metcap living apartments before moving into one of their buildings. I have never seen soo many different kinds of bugs in my life. Every season with its own bugs. The building is old and I can understand that but it can be upgraded gently. There are holes everywhere and makes it very easy for cockroaches to travel from unit to unit, this means you can't get rid of roaches from your unit. What they need to do is spend a little money to get rid of the bugs from the entire building and stop the painting, making it look like it's a pretty building from the outside.

Another issue with metcap is that the superintendents do everything: fix anything that is broken , cleaning, dealing with rent payment, shoveling snow, plumbing and many more. because of all that they do , simple mopping can not be done well. the elevators are disguising.
By jess Tapir on Dec 13, 2014
So there's some decent staff however management is TERRIBLE. They claim to be "pet friendly" at the fountainhead complex but there's chicken bones and other garbage all over the property. When I complained to both the building and property manager I was told to pay better attention to my dog to make sure he didn't eat any of it, which was EVERYWHERE. Garbage cans are over-flowing so people just throw their trash on the ground. The property manager appeared to hate that I had a maintenance complaint and got super defensive literally saying, "You can't expect staff to stand around waiting for someone to throw garbage on the ground so they can pick it up".
The laundry room is disgusting, there were holes in the walls when we moved in, our window is broken and fixed with tape...
By Purple Dolphin on Dec 03, 2014
Building managers at 1 Fountainhead will say anything to get you off their case. They're not at all reliable or honest. They entered out apartment while we were not home, with no notice. The property manager is just as bad and does not respond to complaints. He's rude and inconsiderate. Do yourself a favour and rent from someone who is not understaffed and will address the concerns of residents because Metcap won't. I have lived here foe a year and a half and despite a change in management, there has been no difference in how the building is managed.
By Burgundy Macaw on Oct 18, 2014
At 15 Eva Rd. in Toronto (Etobicoke):

- when we viewed the apartment last April we were assured that all windows were to be replaced LAST summer so that we would not have to hear Hwy. 427 24hrs a day. There are no new windows as of October 17. This was a lie.

- I was forced to call the police to report domestic violence in the the neighbors apartment. The police came followed by paramedics. The male was arrested. I had to give a report at 1:30 a.m. I had complained about the noise and shouting to the building Office on numerous occasions prior to this. I may have to testify in court as well. I actually pay to live here?

- There have been numerous false fire alarms and alarm malfunction since I moved into the building in May 2014.

- the management has no idea who is parked in any spot in the building's underground parking. I was forced to move three times and finally ended in a spot where waste water drips on my car.

- two weeks ago an extermination company came through the entire building to inspect for vermin. This may have something to do with the cling film-wrapped furniture that I saw placed by the exterior garbage the week prior; a sure sign of bedbug infestation. Would you want to live in a residence like this?

- Tonight there is no hot water. None. There has been none since at least 6:00 p.m. There is no notification or communication as to when the hot water will be restored.

- I understand that the elevators were also nonfunctional for a period of time today.

-Incredibly disruptive and annoying construction can be heard several times a month as neighbouring apartments are renovated. This can start as early as 8:00 a.m. Again, no advance warnings.

- for all of this I have the privilege of paying $1300 a month for a small one bedroom apartment and one "crap dripping" parking spot.

- shall I go on?

I will NEVER have any association with any Metcap property again. I suggest that no one else done either.
By Brown Cobra on Sep 08, 2014
This is going to be a long one, apologies in advance.

Lived at 1 Fountainhead in North York. When we were to move in at the 1st of the month, they told us that "repairs" hadn't been completed. It took over a week for us to finally be allowed to move in. When we did, the only thing done was part of the flooring at the front door. Everything else was painted over - literally everything was given a lashing of off white paint door knobs and all. Kitchen has water damage in the lower cupbords, there was a smell in general in the kitchen, I never stored food in the cupboards bought a pantry.wouldn't be surprised if there is a mold problem as well, felt unwell and fatigued most of the time. Roaches were outragous! Rather than treating the entire building, they did it 1 unit at a time based on complaint. Hot water and heating rarely worked during winter, cold water non-existent during summer. Winter 2013 well after the ice storm they shut off the heat! And waited for the compaints to roll in before informing the building of what was happening. Boilers were always being "repaired" every other week. Water shut off was a common thing. Running taps in the bathroom never fixed properly, maintanence would come but as they left taps would run at full stream again. The last request to fix bathroom taps was ignored. Living room wall puffed out spontaniously one evening. Final straw was after living there for 3 years, bed bugs moving in with us. I should note that we bought brand new funiture when we moved in. Had heard a tenant say she had bedbug issue but didn't affect my unit until a year after that conversation. As with the roaches, they only treat 1 unit at a time based on complaints rather than treating the entire building. When I complained they said they'd come to treat and didn't. We left all our furniture behind. I've never, in all my 34 years on earth seen a bed bug, thought that was a third world problem. Metcap is a slumlord company, Ashok Salani the land lord is rude with no customer service and his choice in staff reflects that. The worst of my renting experience.
By Red Irukandji-jellyfish on Aug 19, 2014
I moved to metcap living 35 fountainhead 3 months ago. So far i'm happy despite the renovations going on, managers & staff are well dedicated. Building is always clean & maintenance issues fast as unexpected. Can't make everybody happy but honestly most problems starts from tenants.
By Carmine Eel on Aug 13, 2014
I moved to a Metcap property 7 months ago at 35 Fountainhead & i don't have any idea where these people get there harsh words against the building staffs.i can't blame theme w/ there experience but pls don't generalize because it's not fair for those people who's doing a good job. Our staffs at 35 Fountainhead so far maybe not d best but they're great. It's different from what i read because our building was always clean,maintenance service is way faster than my past residence,sometimes i don't even have to fill out that maintenance form just call the office # & our Building Manager would come in few minutes to see & fix d problem. I even asked my friends & relatives to move in this building. There are some renovations but that has nothing to do w/ services from d staff & for sure it's for more comforts of d tenants when it's done. I don't know about d past but for now as i experienced our building is so so fine. Not all Metcap properties are similar so pls don't generalize. In addition, the resident managers (binu&dipesh)names u see on site doesn't exist. Our resident managers are hardworking filipino couple (Ronaldo & Laura)
By Unknow541 on Jun 14, 2014
I didnt even wanted to put a star for this terrible compagny. I live in one of there buildings in montreal on decarie street. The workers there come to your appartment when ever they want. I have an infestation of cockroaches, 2 times bedbugs its been a year and i still have scares that need to be treat with lightning cream, mice(thank god i have a cat). Bathtub is cracked and while i was cleaning the fake ceramic around the tub my fingers want in it so now i have 3 beautiful holes in my wall. All the wiwdows are surrounded with black stop, obviously its mold but they say no we are going to leave it like that its mildu and moisture. Ceiling above the bathtub felt twice and its now not even fix properly. And the sink felt 3 times and felt on my kid but the nice manager kathy norris said that its impossible. Kitchen tiles broken or not stick properly on the floor. Back door useless seen it doesnt lock so basically anybody can enter my appartment. The had once change my lock on my door because they lost the keys without noticing me because they wanted to get in without notice again and they ask me to buy the keys. Thankfully i finished work early that day otherwise i would have to sleep in front of the door for the night. You do complaint about there poor management and they have the guts to disrespect you, hung up on you or say that we are unpatience abusive tenants. I guess we have been patient enough since those problem are there since 2013. Ian and kathy well 99% of the workers for metcap on decarie street in montreal are the most lying careless stupid people that i will ever meet in my life. Please people do never go in those appartements even though they tell you they are giving you 2 months for free. Its just to get you and take youre money.
By Scarlet Mongoose on May 07, 2014
I was with Metcap Living for over 8 years and in those years it was the best experience I had ever had in Landlord and Tenant relations, the Staff made me feel like part of a family, from Fountain Head to Downtown Dufferin Street it was always a great experience, don't put this company down has Slum Lords has it is the tenants who make it bad. If you call the main lines they are there to help, so please look before you speak and make sure you point the right finger at the right person TENANTS.
By Faghan on Feb 05, 2014
My cheque got returned and they lost the new one that I've sent 1 day after. Without contacting me (even by email or phone), they proceeded to complain to Regis Du Logement here in Quebec.

This is one of the many issues that I have with them. And it is not even a year that they've bought the building I am living in.
By Bazaar Beetle on Dec 16, 2013
This is the worst company that I have ever rented from. They raised the rent and laundry charge after a year. But they don't fix anything that needs fixing. They don't have cleaning staff in the building and it's always dirty. After raising our rent, they installed new shower heads that release a tiny amount of water making you very cold while you shower. And they changed the temperature so that you can never enjoy a hot shower. It's only warm. They installed a crappy toilet that takes 3-4x to flush. The apartments are so cold and they refuse to fix the temperature. If something breaks they take forever to get it fixed, if they fix it. They recently did renovations to their buildings but used cheap materials that cause allergies. They are about saving money at your expense and make it so uncomfortable to live i.
By Ben319 on Aug 08, 2013
MetCap Living does not care about you whatsoever. I lived with them for 2 years while attending school. Worst renting experience I've ever had. Now that I've graduated I can say I will never rent from them again. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!
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MetCap Living is a manager of 46 multi-family properties comprising of 8,105 suites in the Greater Toronto Area, 1,194 suites in Montreal and another 68 suites in Belleville, Ontario. MetCap Living has the proven capabilities to manage apartment communities with over 17 years of success in the industry. Today more and more multi-family owners are turning to MetCap Living as their Property Manager of choice.
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