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Kobi's Auto

1156 Main St, Winnipeg, MB
29 reviews
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Kobi's Auto, Winnipeg Reviews (29)

29 reviews
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By ch Gazelle on Feb 20, 2018
people are just upset because their credit is too low for them to buy a brand new car. I bought a USED car from kobis and other then a few issues that i found in the beginning of driving the car (which kobis took car of free of charge for me!) the car has been running like a drem for over 2 years.
By Noname23 on Oct 24, 2017
Don't buy a car from them because you'll be taking it back every two weeks. I would not recommend anyone to buy a car from them
By mbbeetle62 on Sep 20, 2016
stay away from this place, these people are crooks, they lie about everything, they tell u that are u are purchasing the car, and contract is lease, these cars are not road worthy and who knows where they get them from, and when raise something concerns they don't listen, even when another dealer or mechanic says there is something wrong with the car. The front is rude and unprofessional, and finance officer will stay anything to get your money, even lie, this business should be shut down for fraud and lying to people, my advice to anyone thinks about buying a car get lawyer to look at what u are signing before giving them any money, or contact legal shield and get free advice
By Fuchsia Mussel on Mar 18, 2016
Dealt with these people.
Don't take their word. Always have things such as work done in ink. Try to record everything they say to you. They will do their best to rip you off. Cars wirth 2500 and end of the day you pay 10k. And still they try to mess you around.
The warranty do not mean anything to them. If something goes wrong after the first week it is on you to fix.
The only good part of this place is dealing with John and the Mechanics. Otherwise the others are a living joke.
Been a bad experience since day one with them. Won't and never will recommend anyone to go here.
By Wander8960 on Sep 12, 2015
Stay away from these guys! I bought a car from them and I paid 21 months on time of $440 each months. The enging blew in December of 2012, so for a month I was without a car, and I couldn't have it repaired, so I returned it to them in January 2013. I did not pay them for it, and I didn't hear from them since, till this morning where they had a collection agency call me for the outstanding repairs on the car. I'm now calling a lawyer about this and may take them to court, or find a way to settle, as they want me to pay over $3000 for a car that was already 10 years old at that time! What sleaze bags they are! If anyone has a suggestion on how I can deal with this, let me know here! I will give them no rating as they don't deserve one.
By Gray Quail on Aug 24, 2015
I baught a 2005 saab 95 from there and problem after problem came from this car. They dont care to actually fix whats going on with the car but instead just tell you pretty much that your stupid. If the car gets back into back int kobis possession whether it be for repairing or repoed and you get it back the car its broken even more and it's your fault. They broke my shifter, scratched my door, i have a a piece of plastic sitting on my seat that I have no idea what part of the car it came from and then they get mad and talk shit saying that i keep the car dirty....thats what happend when you have kids who eat in the family car, you tend to ge fries and shit on the ground and if im paying for the car its really none of your business what on the floor of my vehicle. Especially after the fact that there was mud and footprints on my seats and on my floor after getting it back. That entire family is messed up....i wish i knew then what i know now about that shit place. I also cant stand the fact they put up their own reviews on google to make them look says i was flat broke and they had me driving the same day...YOU NEED A MINIMUM OF $1000 TO GET THE VEHICLE THEN $$ FOR INSURANCE!!!
By Cyan Polar-bear on Jul 17, 2015
Last Year I helped out a family member get a vehicle.

We gave LEEHEE or how ever she's spells her damn name 2500$ sent us on our way with a SUV piece of s**t truck! Anyways long story short.. It was like I said... piece of s**t SUV.

We took the vehicle back less than 2 weeks, because there were problems with it.. It was costing us more when there shouldn't have been no problems at all. Leehee suggesting giving them an extra 500 for a SMALLER vehicle (trade in) which I think is bullshit.. I didn't agree.. a year later here I am trying to fix my credit and what do I find on my credit history 18 missed payments and a repo? are you f***ing kidding me??!! I gave the vehicle back a month before the payment was first due!! you people are nothing but losers who laugh at these innocent people buying your piece of shit cars, crack head's selling garbage is what it is!! .. Your business doesn't even deserve stars!!
By PembWin on Jun 15, 2015
We're on our second vehicle from Kobi's Auto. We bought an 09 Escape from them 3 years ago and was quite happy. The vehicle had some minor issues but Adam took care of them. We later needed an alternator and starter for the vehicle but I am smart enough to realize that some normal upkeep is expected, and when buying a used car you often have little things to fix as you use them. Last November we bought a second car for our teenagers, an 05 Mazda 6 Wagon GS. Likewise with this vehicle, it had some minor issues that we had no problems getting looked at. The only headache was waiting for the shop to have the time to see us. All in all, we are pretty happy with Kobi's Auto.
By kobihater on Apr 14, 2015
Kobis auto...... Bunch of greasy mother fuckers......stay the fuck away from them....avoid them like aids......fucking goof the sales guys a crack head....caught him and the mechanic smoking crack in the shop....... Haha haha goof bitches.... CLOWNS
By findanotherdealership on Oct 28, 2014
slime balls....they exploit those who have no other options and steal from them charging crazy interest rates. they are the lowest of the low....hate parasites like them...damn thieves
By Justin on Jul 17, 2014
So I toke my 2003 hyundai tiburon to mpi for a saftey and it failed of course
It had 2 leaks in the exaust and the head lights needed to be replaced because the turn signals didn't have the orange on them
I had hid low beams on my car when I toke it to the shop for them to fix it
So I just picked up my car and my hids are gone they have me shitty regular lights and kept my hids
I'm so sick of Kobis auto I regret buying this car from day one
When I first bought the car it was running like shit come to find out it needed a full tune up and a new air filter
When I finished my down payment they told me oh we put a brand new kn&n air filter in the car for u lmfao that was a lie of course
Paying 1000 dollars for warranty screw that there never touching my car again I'm having tranny noise now and I told them about it but of course they didn't do anything about it
Worst dealership in this city
All there good for is stealing stuff that other people buy
They wanted to change the hids they could of at least put them in the trunk or somewhere in the car as they knew I bought them but not there gone
By Umber Caribou on Feb 18, 2014
For people thinking of buying a vehicle there, when you take it for a test drive, take it straight to a creditable car dealership and get it inspected. It will save you lots of money in future repairs. I currently have a car from them and its at their garage right now needing major repairs, the car was crap from the beginning so we took it to mpi and had it inspected and failed miserably, we told kobi's this and all they did was threaten us but we had more supporting documents backing our claim (plus a recorded conversation we had with Kobi's)so they ended up fixing most but not all of the problems. If you drove your vehicle under 9000 km since you bought it, get it inspected and keep all documents, if it fails safety record all the repairs you had done and tell kobi's that if they don't fix the vehicle, you will report them to mpi. Make copies of all document and keep the originals. I don't know anything about cars and it was the first time I bought one, so it's always good to go with someone who does. SO WHEN DEALING WITH THESE PEOPLE, GET IT INSPECTED AND KEEP ALL DOCUMENTS AND RECORD EVERY CONVERSATION.
By Burgundy Mouse on Dec 06, 2013
I wanted this truck from their, I wasnt bank approved because my credit is bad, they financed me over a three year period with pretty low montly payments, nothin wrong with that.
By Umber Greyhound on Dec 05, 2013
So I just got my first car from Kobis auto it was awesome I am so happy. I just turned 18 and did not think I would be approved because I dont even own a credit card!!! Yeah !!!!!
By Carnelian Egret on Dec 05, 2013
So I went their looking for a car the sales guy was quick to find me something within my budget, the paper work was fast and all the staff were very friendly and helpful. Would I go back their for another car ? Absolutely.
By Orange Pilot-whale on Aug 24, 2013
I was broke with barely a penny to my name and got a car with no problems , I love Kobis auto.
By Amethyst Mite on Aug 06, 2013
my sister bought a car from there recently... brakes are failing, alternator went on it...rpms rise when the car goes around turns.... tie rod end came off and when i repaired the tie rod end the car didnt even have swaybar links on it...thats a deadly place to get a vehicle from... she even had to change the struts on it as well..with all these repairs done on it im sure it would not have passed a real safety either!
By Copper Harrier on Jul 24, 2013
kobis did everything for me, I got my car the next day and drove off, theres no issues and my credit is building!!
By Cinnabar Spaniel on May 13, 2013
"Thank You and Your Team"
First of all I want to extend a thank you to you and your team at Auto List. My fiance and I are very appreciative of the level of satisfaction we received throughout the entire process of purchasing our new car.
By Carnelian Caterpillar on Feb 01, 2013
i bought a car a from there, still have it. still have a cpl of problems with it, seems like the car i bought is a money pit. cant afford it anymore. they expect me to pay for it for 3 years of over 400.00 monthly payments. im still trying to pay n repair the things wrong with it.. its not right what they are doing to people selling them used up vehicles and getting them to pay for the repairs..autopac told me to make a complaint because i took it to the repair shop for inspection and they told me, that the vehicle shouldnt be on the road, the mechanic told me, it was unsafe and dangerous for my lil ones to be on it. but i hope they find it in their hearts what they are doing to good citizens of manitoba is wrong. where are they from any ways. what if something dangerous happens, i get scared sometimes driving it because it tends to stall or just puts on gas all of a sudden.. yeah some vehicles are running great but not all of them are..
By POLOPARK on Dec 01, 2012
kobi's Auto is Forsure 100% the biggest slime ball car dealer winnipeg has probably ever seen.He buys all his cars from Montreal, Toronto, Quebec etc. They use pure salt in these provinces. These vehicles components from the engine compartment to the under carriage are so rusted Kobi tries to cover up all the rust with black tar making it seem like the car was just undercoated. All his cars are toilets just like him and his fat wife.This dude charges an incredible amount of interest and money for cars he pays next to nothing for. This clown and his wife have ripped off many buyers by being warm and fuzzy.Once you sign the contract they treat you like garbage. They target unsuspecting buyers that are desperate or prey on people with a horrible credit history. P.S. do not leave Koby a deposite because you will never see it again. Like i said this guy and his wife are pimps of the used car industry.
By lovel on Jul 17, 2012
i have a family of 5 and only one car. me and my husband were looking for 2 main things in the vehicle: room for all our young ones and cost(we have bad credit and not much spending money). at kobis all we needed was 1000 down and we got a dream car. so happy! if you have bad credit or even good credit they have some beautiful cars for cheap, go take a look!
By Green Dung-beetle on Feb 22, 2012
I paid a down payment of 1500$ for a vehicle, a week later my whole brake mechanism started failing, was laughed at and told that because I was a female I didn't know what I was talking about. Tires were not satifiable and they will try to get you to do insurance fraud. WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN.
Comment by joane31 on Apr 19, 2012
i have been through hell and back with kobis auto,.....i wont go into the details but lets say that there is a webpage on facebook if you have it that would be great to get you and all your friends to put comments on....i think we need to get rid of this deadbeat once and for all....Kobi Unsafeauto look for this on facebook and put in your comments.....maybe we can call band together

By RioTinto on Jan 23, 2012
living on change... kobis auto had radio ad that said guaranteed approval, $1000 down. Thats exactly what it was. Adam was the sales rep. hooked me up with a truck for winter, moderate monthly payment and it runs like silk. I'll be back for a van in the springtime. My CREDIT sux
Comment by joane31 on Apr 19, 2012
i bet you would not go back if i told you a few things about.... this bus check it out on facebook Kobi Unsafeauto
By Blue Roundworm on Dec 18, 2011
I bought a 2002 suburban from them i didnt have any credit now i got great credit 3 years later my suburban is running great thanks kobi
Comment by joane31 on Apr 19, 2012
must have been only good vehicle that bus sold
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