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Midway Mazda

3050 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC
11 reviews
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Listed in: Mazda Dealers
About Midway Mazda

Our Dealership has a wide selection of New and Pre-owned Mazda vehicles. The latest MAZDA models like Mazda3, Mazda3 Sport, Mazda5, Mazda6, B Series, CX-7, CX-9, MAZDASPEED3, MX-5, RX-8 and Tribute ar Go to full description...

3050 King George Blvd
Surrey, BC, V4P 1A2, CA

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By non-member114276 on May 27, 2016
Recently purchased a used mazda - was told it came with brand new brakes. Drove it around for 1 day and whenever I would back up it makes a very loud humming noise.. AS WELL AS an odd squeaky noise whenever I would press on the brakes. Brought the car back to the dealership and turns out it needs repairs.. the dealership is covering the cost HOWEVER the vehicle was clearly not inspected properly before it was sold and I find it very annoying that there is not one but TWO things wrong after only having the car for a few days...
By Pigsinapoke on Dec 31, 2015
Used car shopping experience
We were in to buy a car in August of 2015. When we came to Midway Mazda, we were greeted right away by Arvi - he didn't hound us or pressure us to look at anything in particular, just let us know to come get him if we needed anything. When we found a car that interested us, he was very knowledgable, patient and accomodating when we wanted to test drive the car a few times ( We were there a few hours). Then came the part we dreaded, the purchase and negotiation of price. The whole team Arvi, the manager, the finance guy and even the insurance guy were great. At no time did I feel pressured, tricked or hustled - which was totally the experience we were expecting. The price was fair and equatable to the other dealers in lower mainland.
So, thank you Midway Mazda team for changing my expectation of buying a used car. We drove away with a clean car, and special extra from Arvi and a photo of all of us! I thought it a nice touch. Would definately send business his way and recommend the professionals at Midway Mazda.
By katiecaboose on Nov 16, 2015
Not what I expected
I recently purchased a used vehicle from Midway Mazda with about 89 000 kms on the odometer. The price I paid was fair market value and I was told that the front brakes had to be fixed and that Midway Mazda would do the required repairs. This was all part of the deal and since it was the Friday of the Thanksgiving weekend I told them I would pick it up on Tuesday.
I did pick it up on said day and the vehicle was washed but not detailed as promised. I thought no problem since the vehicle was fairly clean anyway.The brakes were fixed as promised as they could be a potential safety issue if left as they were.
So off I go in a newly purchased used vehicle that is delivered to me, the customer, with the gas guage on empty. I guess that's the way they do it when they deliver a car at this dealership I thought. I didn't expect a full tank but I didn't expect an empty one either. I'll bring my own Jerry Can next time.
So the next day I turn the radio on and notice that the front speakers are blown so I call the salesman and told him the front speakers don't work. He says no problem he will find out who they use to fix them and he will get back to me. Good thing I decided to replace them myself because I still haven't heard from him.
At this point which is about 10 days after I bought the car, I figured I would bring it to a garage to get it serviced for the winter driving season. Within a few minutes of the mechanic getting the car on the hoist he pointed out an oil leak coming from the timing chain cover. He suggested that it should be fixed and that it should have been fixed prior to me purchasing the vehicle. That made sense to me. I called Midway Mazda and they said to bring it in so they could have a look at it. I did and the Service Department called me back and said that I shouldn' t worry about the leak and not to bother fixing it. Strange and convenient for them I thought and asked the service department who I should speak with regarding this leak. They referred me to the used car sales manager of Midway Mazda, who happened to be away on holidays, and instead they sent over his colleague from Midway's sister dealership King George Nissan.
The used car sales manager from King George Nissan basically echoed what the service department at Midway said and went on to claim that independant garages and their mechanics always find problems with used vehicles. Realizing I was getting nowhere with this gentleman I asked him where I could go from here. He suggested ownership so I left him my name and number and was told I would get a call. Still waiting.
Perhaps I was wrong with my expectations of buying a used car from a new car dealership or maybe this new car dealership. I realize that this is a used car and that it is not a certified used car. I get all that but I feel an oil leak on a vehicle with only 89kms on it should be fixed. Incidently the estimate to repair the oil leak is $700. I paid for and installed the new speakers on my own dime. My only explanation why these repairs were missed by Midway Mazda's service department is that sometimes people have a bad day or they just honestly missed the fact that the speakers were blown and the timing chain cover was leaking oil.
I gave Midway Mazda a ranking of 1 star because the people there are nice. However, if you go to Midway Mazda to purchase a used vehicle bring your own mechanic and a Jerry Can.
By Somesh on Aug 28, 2015
Worst experience
They lost a sureshot customer yesterday when i went there to purchase New CX5 after receiving two calls from their salesman agreeing on some sales discounts in the deal. When I reached there ,the manager refused to honor the deal saying it was a confusion and he didnt even apologise for his conduct. It was my son's birthday so inspite of all this, I made up my mind to go for the deal to make my son happy but the manager was so arrogant and disrespectful that I just left the showroom and went Honda and finalised with CRV. If Mazda wants to survive in this area, it should take this matter seriously and make that man learnt how to deal with the customers.Thanx.
By Happyreturningcustomer on Jun 10, 2015
Extremely satisfied
I just purchased another vehicle from Midway Mazda to replace the Mazda I bought from them in 2002. That car was fun to drive and I did not have any expenses other than routine maintenance and replacements ( brake pads, tires etc).

The positive experience I had when I bought my car in 2002 lead me back to them this year. I did look around at other dealerships and cars but nothing,, and no one, came close. From the Sales Consultant, Kari Lumme, who took me out for a drive, to the Business manager everyone was knowledgeable and took care to make sure I understood my new car and ensure that I would be looked after for years to come.

Well done Midway Mazda. You are the best.
By non-member78912 on Nov 02, 2014
Extremely satisfied
We recently bought a 1990 Miata from Midway. It turned out it needed AirCare, and it was taken there while we waited in the business office. Unfortunately, it failed AirCare, and we were unable to take it home that night. However, Jeremy Reid, the sales manager, immediately took it to an accredited AirCare repair specialist, who stayed through the weekend to fix the car. A new catalytic converter was fitted at dealer expense, and the car was ready by Tuesday.

Months later, we found the car to be leaking underneath. We brought it into the dealership, and it was promptly solved with a new clutch slave cylinder.

The sales office also contacted us to tell us that the original owner had brought in accessories for the car, and various pieces of literature. It was given to us free of charge.

Thank you, Midway, for your fantastic service!
By non-member76131 on Aug 22, 2014
Awesome experience
Wow. Glad I didn't look here before I bought. I just picked up a certified pre owned mazda3 and it was a great experience all around. Sales guy and manager were straight forward with carproof and all fees and everything. Dan the finance guy was super easy to deal with. Qualified for the best rate which was a nice surprise.
By WDW on Oct 21, 2013
After some research, my daughter decided to buy a Mazda 3. She checked the web sites and followed up on a few advertised possibilities but when she had them checked out by a trusted mechanic, they failed. After spending too much on this approach, she decided to go to Mazda Dealerships relying on the ethical, moral and legislated consumer protection standards imposed on Dealerships in British Columbia.

These standards are well detailed by the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia at
Paragraph 13.2.4. of this document states:
A failure to accurately disclose a material fact to a consumer is a deceptive act or practice if the outcome is deceptive or misleading, even where the dealer does not have actual or constructive knowledge of the material fact. The VSA defines a material fact as any information that may have a significant effect on a consumer's decision to buy a vehicle or the amount to pay for a vehicle, including any defects that may significantly affect the operating characteristics, safety, or useful life of the vehicle.

This is the background to my daughter’s most unfortunate experience at Midway Mazda in the South Surrey Auto Mall.

She found a Mazda 3 she liked at this dealership so she and her mother test drove the vehicle, checked around it and in it, doing all the “normal” things one does when buying a car from a dealership. All looked fine to them, although they have limited knowledge of cars, but buying from a dealership gave them comfort. My wife’s brother is a car sales manager in Victoria so he contacted Midway Mazda on our behalf and spoke to them. A reasonable price resulted and, as I was going to provide financial assistance to my daughter with the purchase, we visited the Dealership. Along with the normal and expected positive remarks about the car from the salesperson, we were presented with the Dealership’s 100+ point inspection all of which checked out fine with the exception that the brakes were getting worn and we were advised the brakes would need attention within a few months. We bought the vehicle.

That very evening, my daughter took the vehicle to show it off to some of her friends, one of which seems to know about cars and commented that the tires seemed worn. So my daughter took the car to our trusted mechanic first thing the next morning to see how worn the tires really were and if she needed to replace them. However it was not the tires that concerned him but rather the rust he found. He put the car on his hoist where it was immediately apparent that the entire undercarriage was severely rusted (photographs are available if required). Clearly, this car was in bad shape and the Dealership had failed to meet the standards imposed on it to disclose a material defect as discussed above.

My daughter was understandably very upset. She again contacted her uncle in Victoria who in turn immediately contacted Midway. We believe that the pressure brought to bear on Midway Mazda by my brother-in-law resulted in them agreeing to take the car back but only as a trade-in on another vehicle for the full price we paid, but not a refund.

Just a point on the Dealership’s 100+point inspection, as others have stated in their complaints about this dealership on the internet, the inspection is worthless. The Dealership claimed that nothing on their checklist was answered incorrectly and stood by it. I cannot argue that fine point, but as the checklist didn’t actually have a check box for “Rusted undercarriage”, I suppose they are correct in saying the points that were included on the list were accurately answered. However, they totally failed to honour their obligation to disclose a “material fact” as required in the paragraph I quote above from the Motor Vehicle Authority of BC web site.

So we had to find another car on their lot. Of course, as they already had our money from the first purchase, we now had no negotiating power whatsoever and we ended up paying almost full sticker price ($300 less) for another Mazda 3. This time we were not about to trust anything Midway Mazda said about the vehicle or the 100+ point inspection, so we took it to our trusted mechanic who promptly found rust on the hatchback door! Back at Midway, they agreed to swap the rusted hatchback door with another Mazda 3’s door that had no rust, BUT we would have to pay $200 for the labour to do so! By now we just wanted out of the Dealership, never to darken its doors again, so we paid the $200 plus the $900 extra cost of this second vehicle. And when they put the “new” hatchback door onto our vehicle, they even got it a bit skew but we took it in order to just get out of the Dealership.

I would NEVER buy anything from the Midway group again. I am sure there are other more ethical Mazda dealerships if I ever wanted to buy a Mazda in future, but this experience makes it highly unlikely that I would.
Comment by mazdazoom on Dec 10, 2013
The following is our response to Mr. W's VSA complaint with names abbreviated and selling price redacted to protect our customer's privacy. We fully support the VSA process and look forward to a positive outcome in this case.

S W purchased a 2008 Mazda3 from Midway Mazda on Sep 23, 2013 after extensive shopping with the help of her mother and father and with expert mechanical advice (their family’s “trusted mechanic”) and expert auto business advice (S’s uncle, brother in law to Mr. W, a car sales manager). The Ws had previously rejected “a few” vehicles from other sellers based on their mechanic’s advice.

During the price negotiation which, as Mr. W notes involved his automotive expert, all our information was disclosed to the Ws. This information included our 106 point inspection that showed rear brakes were marked as 30% remaining. It also included the Car Proof report that showed that the vehicle had been registered exclusively in BC including Campbell River and Burnaby. The ICBC report that Ms. W was shown and signed also showed that ICBC had recorded several “Estimates” as well as one instance of collision repairs for $3146.49. Midway Mazda had previously obtained the ICBC “Detailed Vehicle Damage Information” for the collision repairs. This was provided to the Ws as well in the spirit of full disclosure and they have included it as part of the documentation in their VSA complaint. Based on the above, the Ws and their expert auto business advisor asked for and received a discounted selling price of $xx,xxx which included Midway Mazda’s commitment to install new rear brakes at Midway Mazda’s expense.

During the course of our reconditioning process, before Ms. W purchased this car, our technician performed these operations:
• Oil and filter Change
• Replaced air filter
• Replaced power steering pump and pipe assembly
• Replaced right rear shock absorber
• Replaced left licence lamp bulb
• Replaced left reverse light bulb
• Replaced left headlamp bulb
• Replaced worn air conditioning compressor drive belt
Our technician did not note any defects that were not in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act. This vehicle met and exceeded the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Act.
The W’s mechanic objected to the appearance of the undercarriage surface corrosion. Any steel surface will oxidize over time and kilometrage. Any surface scratch through the clear coat and painted surface will oxidize (rust) over time. Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland are reputed to have the mildest climates in Canada. Even British Columbia vehicles may be subject to many different road and environmental conditions. Any five year old vehicle that has travelled 80,000km may evidence surface corrosion on the undercarriage. Mazda Canada includes a 60 month, regardless of kilometrage, limited warranty against any perforation due to corrosion of the Mazda vehicle. This car does not represent a warrantable condition under the terms of Mazda Canada’s warranty.

Two days after Ms. W taking delivery of her Mazda3, we were contacted by S’s uncle, the car sales manager. Midway Mazda then offered several potential solutions to the Ws to improve their current vehicle. It became clear that the only solution that would be satisfactory to the Ws and their third party would be to allow them to trade their vehicle back in for a full credit against another vehicle in our inventory. Midway Mazda was glad to offer this solution.

Many criteria come into play when a consumer is selecting used goods. Primary among those criteria is often price. We tried very hard to help the Ws find a vehicle that met their expectations for price, mileage, history and condition. Several times we suggested that the Ws put their full trade in value towards a new Mazda vehicle in order to ensure that they receive a new car at the start of its lifespan with manufacturer’s warranty. They eventually selected a 2007 Mazda3 Sport.

The Ws test drove and inspected this vehicle. Midway Mazda insisted that the Ws take the car to their mechanic for a pre purchase inspection. The concern the Ws and their mechanic had was a small area of surface rust on the outside rear hatch of the vehicle. This rust spot was approx ½” wide by approx 3” long. It was clearly visible from even the most cursory look at the rear of the vehicle. It was not “found” by the W’s mechanic.

To further allay the W’s concerns, Midway Mazda agreed to swap the hatch with the spot of rust with a compatible hatch from yet another Mazda3 in our inventory, provided that the Ws pay for only the labour to do so. The Ws agreed and Midway Mazda sent both vehicles to an ICBC accredited local body shop to have the swap done.

At that point the Ws were satisfied with the terms of the new transaction and concluded business to trade in the first Mazda3 and purchase the second Mazda3. Once again the Ws declined to purchase an extended warranty. The Ws negotiated a further discount of $300.00 on this second vehicle.

Midway Mazda had no indication that the Ws were unsatisfied with their final purchase until a Midway Mazda employee found several duplicate online reviews that that were defamatory, incomplete, and pejorative, and clearly were written in regards to S W’s purchase.

Midway Mazda promptly contacted S W to see what further could be done especially in regards to the hatch that is still claimed to be out of alignment. It was explained that the ICBC accredited body shop that installed the hatch would certainly stand behind their work and perform an adjustment if required.

Midway Mazda also contacted Mr. W as it was clear he had written the online reviews.
First we attempted to contact Mr. W via email. When asked if we could possibly speak to him regarding his concerns with his daughter’s car, he replied: “No, I'd rather not. If you have anything to say, please put it in writing.”

The next day Midway received the VSA complaint written by Mr. W. Midway Mazda promptly called Mr. W and asked what else could be done to make his family happy with the transaction. He stated that he was happy with the outcome in this situation, and that his daughter now has a well functioning vehicle that she enjoys. However he also said that the ends did not justify the means, and that he wanted to pursue his VSA complaint for purely vexatious reasons.

We believe that Mr W is under the mistaken impression that it was the “pressure” he applied via his brother in law, the car sales manager, or the threat of VSA action that prompted Midway to act to remedy the W’s concerns about the vehicle they purchased. We have repeatedly explained to the W family that it is always in our interest to work towards a solution to any reasonable customer concern.

This dealership has already done its utmost to create a satisfactory outcome for this consumer. Which is:
•Sell a vehicle with full disclosures and all available history provided to the customer
•Apply a full credit against another comparable vehicle of the customer’s choice
•Reduce the substitute vehicle selling price by another $300.00
•Donate another complete vehicle rear hatch assembly from our inventory to the customer’s car
•Allowed third parties to this transaction to negotiate, arbitrate and inspect our vehicle on the customer’s behalf.
•Midway Mazda remains responsive to our customer’s reasonable concerns.

Please see photos below of ENTIRE undercarriage. Not just close ups of corrosion. Also close up of pristine brake lines.

Comment by HiSociety on May 22, 2014
Yeah..... an answer & excuse for everything, funny how the same thing happened to me
By Littleguy on Oct 06, 2012
No after sale service
I bought a second hand car. I did not have a lot of money to spare so I was very direct when I said I need something cheap but reliable. I got the 108 point check line that all cars received to ensure quality. Well quality is not what I got. I have left the car at the service department, who also had the car viewed by a separate garage and they still cannot find out what is wrong! The engine bucks while you are driving and you lose power. The is all within 1 1/2 weeks of purchase. I had to propose that they either refund my cost or trade it in for another car. I was told no, we do not do that and if you want to trade it in for another car, then they would buy it back less 10%.
I am calling Mazda Canada.... There is no customer service here....they just want a quick sale and the screw you!! You have a better chance of quality cars on Craigslist!
Comment by dbt on Jun 21, 2013
I would ask you to contact me, Fixed Operations Manager at 604-538-5388 to review details.
By mazda3owner on Apr 24, 2010
Crummy customer service
They lied to us.
When we were were looking at buying our car (2005 Mazda 3GT in spring 2006) we were told this car was a lease the year before and had all of its service work done there. (We were also told it wasn't smoked in although it smelt of smoke?) We should have trusted our insticts but we ended up buying the car. We bought the transferable extended warranty for it.
about a month ago we sold it and were told it would be no problem transferring the warranty. We gave all of our receipts to the new owner to send to mazda with the transfer papers but it got denied because they said they need the maintenance records from the year before we bought it. So...we contacted midway mazda for the receipts and they told us it wasn't maintenanced there. Someone's lying to us. Either the day we bought it they lied when they said it was maintenanced there, or they're lying to us now...?
I advise everyone to shop at a different dealer.
There's a couple guys there who come accross as rude and don't give me the time of day unless i'm looking to buy a car.
We've dealt with a few different mazda dealers with issues and midway mazda is the only one I dislike.
Comment by dbt on Jun 21, 2013
To start, if your warranty is a Mazda MAP factory warranty, transfer processes can be done in any dealership.
As for prior maintenance, all dealers have access to limited information on prior services performed at any other Mazda Dealer. Though a limited description can be viewed on screen, it can not be reproduced by anyone but the servicing dealer. In this case, serving history was viewed and confirmed to be done at other dealers, but not being the actual servicing dealer inhibits reproduction of documents.
Due to privacy act, most dealerships will only produce history for the registered owner at the time of service unless consent is given by the owner.
By non-member11742 on Jun 17, 2009
Great Service
I bought a 2010 Mazda 3 and found the service excellent. My model was not available with leather, the dealership had it put in promptly. Within 48 hours my 3 was ready to go. I would not hesitate to refer friends and family.

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Our Dealership has a wide selection of New and Pre-owned Mazda vehicles. The latest MAZDA models like Mazda3, Mazda3 Sport, Mazda5, Mazda6, B Series, CX-7, CX-9, MAZDASPEED3, MX-5, RX-8 and Tribute are all available at Midway Mazda. Take advantage of our great deals on a new Mazda or used Mazda car, check out our latest Pre-Owned Specials, New Vehicles Specials and Parts/Service Sections. You can also order genuine Mazda parts and even schedule your vehicle's service appointment online. Save yourself some time and shop for a car or truck on our brand new website!
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