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Renfrew Chrysler Inc

1920 Pumphouse Road SW, Calgary, AB
9 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago

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Renfrew Chrysler Inc, Calgary Reviews (9)

9 reviews
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By bveilleux on Dec 12, 2017
bought a used car. should have been an easy transaction. They did not fill up my tank (refunded me later, but still forgot), did not vacuum the seats, they still had dog hair. The detailing was so bad that I had to redo it all. Had to wash the windows because they were so dirty I could not see out of them. The promised me manuals and a spare key and it took 5-6 phone calls and 2 months to get it to me. Absolutely brutal follow up service. Have used this dealership for service for years but am done with them now.
By sdknet on Jul 16, 2016
the main issue is they steal money from labor fee
I came from saskatoon and need a car inspection for transfer my car to AB, they already took 3 days , and give me 2 phone call the end of each day said the car needs fix this and fix that, give me a cost above 4000. I did not feel any problem when I dive my 2008 jeep liberty in saskatoon and I drive it cross province to Calgary, I understand the car needs pass the inspection for safe drive in AB, But what I mean is the service, this is the first bad service in Canada I met. the service man is not on his phone during the work hours.
the main issue is they steal money from labor fee, they delay time for more labor fee.
I see most of five stars is new buyer, the good service is not when you buy a car from them, it is when you get service from them.
By non-member114510 on Jun 06, 2016
Can I rate this place negative stars ?
I wish I had read some of these postings before going to this place. Bought my jeep in 2012 brand new. Didn't have the greatest experience but it was long ago so i had already let it go. Since then I was called by their sales team few times trying to get me to trade my jeep & the first time I went, I sat down and talked about the deals they were going to offer me and it sounded soo good and I kept repeating to the guy that are you sure you are offering me this this and that and all I need to do is give you my car and I walk away with a newer jeep and he kept saying YES YES YES and it sounded too good to be true but I took the deal and when we started working on paper work he then said 'oh my boss told me you have to put 5,000$ down now for the deal to go through " what? Why wasn't I told this before ? He said oh I didn't know , my boss said this and that ... Anyway I declined the deal and walked away
Couple of years later, I got similar call and went with my husband to see what deals they were taking about and after spending more than a couple of hours there , they asked if they could run my credit and see what they could offer me etc and based on what they were saying re: the deals they had, we agreed and then they came back and said all good, this is the deal we are gonna offer you etc which we thought was a good deal so we took it and shook hands but it was closer to the end of the day so they asked if we could come back the next day to do the paper work and everything , I was gonna be at work so I ended up sending my husband to finish with the paper work, when he got there , and got the paperwork , all the deal they talked about the day before was completely changed, we couldn't believe the words that were coming out of th sales guy, my husband almost lost it on them! What a waste of our time ! NEVER again! We told them don't ever contact us for any kind of deals ever gain! And of course since then they called me twice and second time I just hand to hang up on them ! In my opinion these people are crooks !
Then the other day, I took my jeep for service and the girl I dealt with at the Service desk was sooooo rude and unprofessional! I will never ever go back there ever agin! Hubby and I are in search for a brand new truck this summer and we will NOT consider going back to Renfrew Crysler again !
By 897004wjkmfd on Sep 15, 2015
Buyer beware...stay away from this dealership
These people are crooks, dishonest and will avoid you to all end. I bought a "new" 2015 Jeep here, only to discover that it has hail damage. Damage that was undisclosed and that I did not agree to purchase with. And certainly not at the price I paid for it and am making payments on. These people are crooks and will do whatever it takes to make the sale and then refuse to deal with their dishonesty. I have been left with no response or resolution from the sales managers (Reg and Anthony Dweyer) or the president (Mr. Lamont). Shame, shame, shame on this dealership for their shoddy business practice and their non-existant customer service or response times. They will rip you off and leave you hanging people. Avoid this dealership at all costs and take your business elsewhere. I have never had an experience like this purchasing a car and will warn everyone about this dealership. STAY AWAY.
By mamaof1111 on Mar 11, 2015
VERY unprofessional dealership!!
I was very excited to be referred to Renfrew by an elderly gentleman I work with as I was very interested in a 2014 Jeep Cherokee LTD edition. He was ensured he would receive $500.00 for his referrel. After the salesman Chris showed me one I really liked (and told me it had very few KMs) I got in to test drive it and number one it had 30000 kms on it!! I questioned him on this and he said "he didnt know" I test drove it anyway and thought if the price was right I would still do the deal. After negotiating a price, he, at the end, proceeds to tell me that they would "have to take the referrel money because they gave me a good deal and the gentlemen who referred won't mind because he works for me!" I was flabberghasted!! I walked with him to the finance office where he takes me to a desk and tells me I have to put $1000.00 dollar depostit down. (no mention of this at all til we got to the front so very embarrasing if you don't have it) I sat with the finance guy (who was awesome by the way ) and voiced my disappointment and shock at taking this man's money to get me a deal. After doing some paperwork I stewed over it that night and cancelled the deal the next day. I could not morally agree to this deal. After cancelling Chris (the salesmen) phones me and says he "doesnt care" if I buy the Jeep there! He then in an even more cheesy comeback says will I still buy it if they give this man 750 dollars now!! Nice cheesy way of backtracking. Went elsewhere, got what I wanted, and would never recommend this dealership to anyone. I have told this story many times and no one can believe it!!
By non-member72002 on May 22, 2014
Laughable at best
Went to look at a new jeep, got Jeff as a salesman, lol guy would not know how to sell a fly to a frog. After negotiating a price for a certain trim, engine size etc.. Told me it would be at the dealership a week from that day. Eight weeks later and told it was in three times (think they forgot every time they told me it was in). finally went down to see it, did some research including a vin check on the vehicle so I already knew going down it was not the vehicle we negotiated on. So anyhoo got Jeff to show me the vehicle, was going through the options, and when I asked what size the engine was he told me 2.4, I told him we negotiated on a 3.2 blah blah, he said no we didn't, when I pointed out that this vehicle is on their website right now for 2,000 less then what I wouldn't be paying for it, he said that I would be getting it for the price on the internet, that they did not know the final price until the vehicle gets to the dealership LMAO, oh really, and then he brought me a new build sheet for the right engine and asked if I would sign for this one, I said sure if it had everything that we negotiated on the first time. He showed me that it was all that I wanted, but it said sold to someone else (Carrie Sanderson), when I asked him about that he said its not sold to Carrie Anderson don't worry about it, gave me another contract to sign, but this time it did not have a VIN number on it for the vehicle, now he was either trying to get me to sign and make me wait 4 months or more, or he was going to screw over the other customer Carrie Sanderson, I'm sure the first is more true. When I saw that there was no VIN, with pen in hand looking like I was going to sign new contract, I made that fool my b%^$h, I made him write all the options on the new contract, then I said as I was about to sign(sike)I don't really want to own two vehicles, can you void the first contract please. Thinking he was going to make his commission he did this instantly, then I ask for a copy of the first contract with void written across it, when he came back with my copy of the voided contract, I asked him when I could expect my deposit back, still not a bright person he said when you purchase the new one, I said I won't be buying a vehicle from you, thanks for the voided contract. He then told me that I wouldn't be getting my deposit back, I informed him that I had already spoken with AMVIC and they told me that this was my first step, to give you a chance to make it right, before I file a complaint. One hour later Jeff e-mailed me and told me that my deposit was refunded. Don't ever think that you are more intelligent than me, dummy who voided a contract, how did that go over with your boss lmao. DO NOT BUY A GLASS OF WATER FROM THESE CROOKS.
By non-member63505 on Sep 25, 2013
Worst dealership ever!
The salesman was so unprofessional and did nothing for us. We called to inquire about a car we liked and pretty much needed to prove to him how serious we were to purchase it. Got to the dealership and the salesman was busy with another client and so we asked for another salesman. After the test drive we decided to buy it out and really likes this salesman as he was honest and not pushy. And somehow the other salesman that we fist spoke on the phone told the other guy we were his clients first. So rude and unprofessional. We should of walked out then but if it wasn't for the deal on the car. Anyways I'm use to buying high ebd cars, last time I buy from a crappy place that don't treat their clients with respect and honesty.
By jadcor on Aug 08, 2011
Unhappy Renfrew Customer
Renfrew Crysler is the worst dealership that I have ever dealt with. I purchased a new 2008 Jeep Patriot from Renfrew, this was a most frustrating experience; delivery date late; the vehicle had 300 Km on it when recieved; the sales manager attempted to throw me out of the sales room after I voiced my opinion about waiting 2 hours to close the deal with the financial department (a cash purchase); undercoating application incomplete, which required an appointment and return visit; trailer hitch installed on the new vehicle had the wiring crossed, another appointment and visit; while the trailer hitch was installed the rear tow hook was removed, this created many calls and finally after 2 months Renfrew provided me with a tow hook which I had to install; the 100,000 Km/5 year maintaince package was a complete rip off, every time an oil change was due the service reps (incompetent) at Renfrew had a long list of items that were recommended (of course not included in the maintaince package) at an outrageous cost; When I took the vehicle in for the 100,000 Km service, the vehicle had 100,037 Km, Renfrew would not provide the service as per the agreement, due to 37 Km over the 100,000 Km max?; Oil changes required an average of 2 hrs to complete (with an appointment); Asking Renfrew for information related to a services provided was not available, it appears that there is a serious internal communication issue between the personal that provide the service and the front line inexperienced personal that deal with the customer?
There are other Dodge/Jeep dealers in Calgary that have competent service personal that repect the customer and provide details related to the service's performed, the cost and timing to complete the service.
I would never purchase anothor Crysler product due to the fact that the canadian tax payer dollars bailed their sorry asses out of a financial crises that will never be fully repaid! Plus the negative treatment that I experienced from Renfrew Crysler personal!
By Josh121 on Dec 19, 2008
The Best Dealership in Canada By Far
I purchased my new 2009 Dodge Challenger SXT from Chris Frazer-Harrison at Renfrew Chrysler a couple months ago and I tell ya I have bought alot of cars and everytime I would feel like the saleman was trying to hide something and screw me over. Chris was the best he only wanted to sell me what I wanted and needed. When it came down to working out the price he really understood to work with what I could afford amount instead of being pressured into a car or payment I couldn't afford. Chris even called me after I got the car to see how the car is and talked about my kids. The service is amazing with Chris I have never seen before a Salesman that will after the fact when I brought my Challenger in for it's oil change take time to go and check on my car to make sure everything is going well in service. All the Salesman I have dealt with in the past always after selling me the car I would feel like I was pushed out the door and would never hear from hinm again. My Advice to everyone. Buy your next car from Renfrew Chrysler and from Chris Frazer-Harrison. You will not be disappointed.


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